• It is December 21 2012 the year the world is supposed to end. My name is Farmer, I am 16 and I am also male about six feet tall with white hair that has a black streak of hair on the left side, I am wearing the winter blues uniform, which is all navy blue and is a long sleeve shirt with a turtle neck collar with tie, also I am under buffed compared to all the other heroes in stories people read and compared to my executive officer in JROTC, anyways about ten years ago I remember faintly that I made a deal with the devil for something I can’t even remember no matter how hard I try to. Now that you know who I am I think we can start this archetype.

    I am in uniform and I am sitting in the JROTC building called the Catton Center spinning a pencil around my thumb lost in thought about the deal I made with the devil which I have been thinking about a lot lately for some reason. While in thought a female cadet named of Kyle (we only use our last names as our first names just like in the real military) has been trying to get my attention by poking me and saying my name in a really annoying manor. I lose my train of thought and look at her and say “yes Kyle?”
    She is wearing the same type of uniform I am but has a neck tab on instead and she has blonde hair tied in a bun with blue eyes, she is also skinny and she has I guess has a B bra size but I don’t pay attention to that stuff much anyways and the other guys in the company say I’m not a man for that but I tell them I just don’t care about that stuff. Kyle answers “Hey Farmer have you heard the news about the giant doors appearing out of no where all over the world” I think about it and say “no I haven’t”
    “Well one of those doors is right outside the Catton Center” she says grabbing my arm and pulling me out side. Once we were outside I saw other cadets out side looking at it along with our teachers. I looked at it for a minute while Kyle continued to pull my arm, out of nowhere I started to get a headache that caused me to drop to the ground holding my head in pain. Kyle stopped pulling me and kneeled down next to me and to me and started speaking and I could not under stand her, just than the earth started to shake and I looked up at the gate which than started to melt almost. The cadets and the teachers make a run for the building and two cadets help Kyle carry me in to the building quickly, I still in pain too, try to figure out what is going on with this headache that won’t quit. After two minutes in the building I start to lose the headache and regain my understanding of everyone in the building. “FAMER ARE YOU OKAY” yells one of the teachers holding the door shut.
    “Yes sir but you might want to move sir” I say calmly which makes everyone around me nervous. My senses have started to increases a lot like my hearing and smelling, hence why I could tell that everyone is nervous that I am so calm and collected. “FARMER ARE YOU CRAZY THERE IS A LOT OF CREARHERS OUT THERE” the teacher adds to his last statement. “I’m aware sir and there are only 10 hell guards out there” I say walking to the door taking off my shirt and shoes. “Again sir I’m going to have to ask you to move or I’ll make you move sir” the teacher looks at me for a moment and says “Cadet I hope you know what you are doing” once he is done he and the other teacher let go of the door and run in to the study hall and try to get the cadets to move in to another room to hide in. I continue to the door and open it. As soon as the door is open completely something impales me and sends me flying back in to the wall, I black out. Some time later something happens and I start to feel more power flowing through me and I feel my body begin to change in to something else….something capable of killing all that stand in my way…killing all with no mercy...it felt great yet…disturbing at the same time than my eyes open and I see I’ve turned in to a demon of some kind with fur allover my body,…I look towards the door and see the hell guards fighting over who hit me…they look like zombies but smarter and like they have a form of purpose other than kill all in their way…I then grab the thing that has me pinned to the wall and start to pull it out of me and the wall… the pain is heavy but it goes away quickly, like my body is indestructible… it is almost scary but something inside me is telling me that I have this power because I am one of them…I pull it out of me and I cough up blood and I look at the weapon to see what it is in more detail…it is a scythe with demonic writing on it…the writing is new to me, yet I can under stand it clearly like I learned it before…the words say “Lup de Lună Plină este capabil de a utiliza pentru a-mi în măsura de puterea mea” yet I know it says “only the wolf of the full moon can use my power to its maximum strength” I than start to hear silent screaming from behind our trophy case I process the voice and realize that it is Kyle screaming out of fear of death...or worse…me her friend turned monster but that did not bother me much as I also herd the hell guards walking in towards the study hall. One of them says “kill…all …leave…none…alive” I move to in front of the main passage to get behind the trophy case and stand guard…I hear the teachers and one of the cadets talking about possibly trying to kill me with the scythe but I say to them “don’t even think about it” and they freeze and converse on what I said. After a minute of quiet I see four hell guards in front of me one than says “you…dead…devil…you died…many moon ago” I respond with annoyance “than how am I here you pathetic weaklings” the same one speaks again “Report…master” the guards than turn to dust and vanish. I turn around and look at the cadets and teachers. “its okay they are gone” they look at me like I want to kill them all than one of the teachers says “please spare the cadets and take my life” I take a moment to process what is going on here. I realize that I am specking the tongue of demons not humans, I signal the teacher to fallow me and the cadets to stay where they are, I lead the teacher to the class room and put the scythe on my back and pick up a marker, I write in English “teach it is me Farmer” he looks at me in fear and says “you really Farmer” I nod. “What happened to you” he asks a little relaxed but nervous behind his voice, I write on the board “I don’t know but I think I am part demon or something” he pauses for a minute and asks “do you know what you look like Farmer” I shake my head no. “Well I would have to say you’re a werewolf just by looking at you” he says relaxing a little more. Just than there is a man thrown trough the walls, I signal to the teacher to get back to the cadets, I than walk in the direction the man was thrown from. Once I get out there I see a giant demon that has the lower half of a horse and the body a man and the head of a bull, the demon has fire coming from his back in the form of wings and it is carrying a giant ax that is producing flames. I look around the area and what was a soccer field is now a sea of flames, I yell to the demon “hey tall dark and ugly what are you doing here” he looks down and his eyes get wider and he says silently “Lup de Lună Plină” I hear him and cup may left hand next to my ear mocking him and I say “what you say I couldn’t hear you” he slashes at me and yells “you son of a b***h I’ll make sure you stay dead” I dodge his attack and say “you know it is rude to talk about my mother, but than again…you have a face even a mother would hate” he slashes at me again enraged, I dodge his slash by jumping than landing on is back sitting on it like he is a horse and say “Getty up little horsy getty up” he knocks me off with his free hand and I land in the sea of flames. I take out the scythe and in a single spin I put out all the flames, I than say “you know fire is bad for my fur, it’ll burn it, never be fluffy and soft” he looks at me even more enraged and yells “I’LL KILL YOU AND TEAR YOUR CORPES TO PIECES!!” he slashes at me again and I dodge him and throw the scythe at him and it becomes stuck in his chest. I land on the ground and start to run at him, he slashes at me again and I dodge his attack again this time by jumping on his weapon and running up it at full speed he swings it up words sending me flying upwards to the stars, he laughs and gets ready to swing his ax at me as I start to fall to the ground. Right as soon as he slashes at me a bullet hits his ax, knocking it from his hands, and lands on the ground, the blade part in the ground with the hilt sticking up. I land on the scythe and pull it out at full force and jump of his chest and land next to the man that he sent flying through the Catton center. The man from what I saw as I was landing is wearing a red leather duster coat with a pair of gloves designed for gun use, he also has a pair of black paints with cowboy boots and a black shirt that has symbols on it with straps that are locked together. He says “well I hope you kept my friend busy while I was away, ill take it from here newbie” he puts his gun away and draws his sword, from what I can see his sword has a mini skeleton torso and two humorous bones sticking out of it, the blade looks like a broad sword that starts off slim and gains a arrow head shape at the point of it. “Sorry son of Sparda I’ve got this cowardly demon” I say changing the position of the blade of the scythe to where the scythe resembles a croissant greave. “Well than be my guest Mr. fluffy, he’s all yours” he says putting his sword away. The demon grabs his ax and starts to generate an immense amount of heat around him. “Mr. Fluffy” I said walking forward “I like that…but I prefer if the ladies call me Mr. fluffy”. “ NOW YOU ALL DIE” the demon says releasing a blast of fire in an orb like manner, something inside tells me to spin the scythe in a circle in front of my hands use in energy from somewhere. I raise my hand with the scythe and release it and think about it spinning trying to figure out how to do it and it starts spinning non stop like a fan. The flames start heading towards the scythe and the scythe starts collecting the flames at the blade point. When the demon’s attack is done none of the buildings are burning down, then the demon looking at me in fear yells “HOW DO YOU HAVE THAT POWER!! YOU NEVER HAD IT BEFORE” I respond “no clue what you mean by that, but all I know is the scythe told me to do it and here and here it is, here have your fire back” throwing the scythe back at him. “Damn and here I thought I was weird” Dante says sitting on the roof. The scythe pierces the demons neck and the scythe sends the fire back in to the demon, the demon yells “YOU WILL FALL WITH THIS WORLD LUP DE LUNĂ PLINĂ AND I WILL BE LAUGHING ALL THE WAY IN HELL WHEN YOU DO” he than explodes and a orb flies at me and bonds with my soul, the scythe returns to my hands back to its original form. Suddenly I start to remember a whole lot of things and I collapse to the ground. About an hour later I wake inside the Catton center, I sit up and look around and find the scythe on the wall next to me and that I’m human again, also Kyle is next to me on the computer researching something. “Hey...” I said looking at her, “your awake that’s good” she says with some relief in her voice “he said you’ll be out for a while” she added, “who…Dante?” I asked turning around to face her, she nods. “Kyle I’m sorry if I scared you earlier” I said looking at the ground, she stops what she is doing and turns around facing me “its cool Mr. Fluffy” “I take it he told you about that?” I asked knowing the answer, “yep, oh by the way who is this Tigru de la lună nouă?” she asks with a look of jealousy in her eyes. “I don’t know Kyle why?” I say confused. “You were talking about her in your sleep like you two were lovers” she says with more jealousy in her eyes. “Her name is familiar to me but I don’t know her….why you jealous?” I say poking at her jokingly. “geez what happened, your bolder” she asks jealous about me talking about Tigru de la lună nouă. “I don’t know but I feel like there are two forces fighting in my head…. on a small scale though…” I said getting off the table. “Be careful, you’re still weak” Kyle says trying to help me down. “I’ll be fine” I said stretching my arms up. “still you need to …” something in my head blocks out Kyle’s voice and specks to me “farmer I thank you for watching my body all this time but I’m afraid that I’ll have to take it back now so I can fix what was broken”. “Who are you and what do you mean by your body?” I ask aloud. “Hey are you listing to me?” Kyle asks annoyed. “I’m sorry Kyle I heard a voice talk to me...” I said. “Well something is defiantly wrong with you Mr. fluffy” she says getting back to her research. “So has your research made any progress yet?” I ask picking up the scythe and strapping it on my back collapsed. “Well those gates have appeared in seven nations, one right out side our door step…” “Seven you say” I ask her interrupting what she was saying. She continues “Yes seven in total and the military can’t destroy the gates because demons annihilate all the soldiers and their weapons quickly.” “Even the spatznas?” I asked for no reason “even the spetznas were killed” she answers. the voice returns and sounds like the origin is behind me “wow you humans are weak in power” I turn around and see a wolf that is white and has a black streak like I do on my head “who are you” I ask looking in to his eyes. “I’m you Farmer, I’m your true form and the girl you were talking about in your sleep, she is…she is…DAMN IT I CANT REMEMBER!!” he yells in fury “calm down puppy” I said kneeling down to be at he’s eye level. Kyle looks back at us and asks who I’m talking to. “I’m talking to…the real Mr. Fluffy” I said looking back at her. “But I can’t see him…o, I get it, it’s a guardian angel only the one being guarded can see him right?” she says disappointed. “I guess…” I said looking down to the ground. “Well if she absorbs part of our soul she will be able to see me too and speck to me.” He says starting to vanish. “Wait I have some more questions for you” I say trying to stop him from vanishing. “In due time I will return Farmer just wait” he says just before he vanishes completely. “I take it he is gone” Kyle asks getting back to her research. “I best bring down the hell gate outside and shut it down permanently” I said walking outside. “Please be careful.” Kyle says continuing her research. Once I’m outside I can see that the army and navy were there but were massacred by demons. I head over to the gate and see an orb that is glowing with strange power. And the first thing I have to do is walk over to the orb and touch it, which I do and a briefcase appears. The briefcase looks like it was made to change in to just about any weapon needed to fit any situation, and a human skull is coming out of the front side of the case. The wolf’s voice returns and says “Pandora’s Box…a ranged weapon that transforms into anything you want to cause heavy destruction in your way, don’t believe me try it out on the Hell Gate” “ok” I said walking away from the gate. When I’m about fifty feet away I stop and think “Wait…what killed the military…” I turn around and see about a hundred demons with scythes looking at me ready to kill me. In the terminator’s voice I say “asta la vesta… baby” and Pandora’s Box turns in to a machine gun and it starts pumping lead in to the army. I than have it turn back to normal and lift it above my shoulder and it turns into a bazooka and I start firing it in to the army and they fly up, it then turns in to a razor boomerang and I throw it at the demons in the air and it slices them up, when it returns it turns back into a briefcase and I hold it out in front of me and it turns in to a hovering orb like container that surrounds me, I sit on the seat in the center and big tubes come out from the center horizontal bar in front of me starting from my left shoulder and ends on near my right shoulder, than two joy-sticks appear in front of my hands with triggers. I pull the triggers and missiles start firing out of the tubes and hit the army also, I than have it turn back to normal and I land on the ground. After sitting it on the ground it turns into a sphere that has two triggers and a red glow on the front half of it. I pull the trigger and hold the triggers and a red light starts to emit from it and more light starts to move to the front center where the rest is gathering. I release the triggers and a lazar beam fires out and eliminates the army with the Hell Gate too. Pandora’s Box turns back to a briefcase and falls open; a green light emits from it and starts to take every thing in. I look in the briefcase for a second and see something so weird that it causes me to close it real fast. “Well…that was very subtle” I said as I turned around and started to walk back inside with Pandora’s Box. After three foot steps a gentle breeze hits me than the Hell Gate, Fallowed by a loud sound of rocks collapsing on it self. I walk in to the room where Kyle is and she asks “think that was quiet enough??” when I enter the room. “I was hopping for something a bit… louder myself” I answered sitting on a chair with my feet on the table. I set Pandora’s Box next to me on the ground along with the scythe collapsed together for portability. “Soooo, did you learn anything about Dante?” I asked thinking about Tigru de la lună nouă again. “Yes I did” she says looking at the computer screen closely at something. “So what is it? I ask looking at her with my arms crossed. “Well he is the son of a demon called the dark lord Sparda and he has a twin brother named Virgil who died a few years ago…” she answers. “What else?” I ask sensing something is wrong. “His mother is human and she died sometime after he was born and that….he is…a…video game character from the game series Devil May Cry” she says confused on how is this even possible. “Kyle…”I say gently, she looks at me with a whole lot of confusion in her eyes. “Don’t try to put logic in to this alright, the devil is sending his army to earth and I’m a werewolf and I just learned about it today okay” I say trying to calm her down and to get her to stop thinking about the situation at hand. We look at each other in silence for a few minutes. The silence is broken by a male cadet named Mike who runs in with some expensive looking equipment talking to him self about something I can not understand. “Hey Tech-Head what are you rambling on about?” Kyle asks looking at the equipment, he stops talking to him self “we should go to my place and set up camp there” he says with pride behind his voice. “Why” Kyle asks looking to me for some reason, I look at my weapons for a moment, “Yeah, why should we go there, why not set up base here?” I ask just to see what he has to say. “Well I live by my self so I had the time and ability to set up the house for Armageddon, beside I have coffee with cookies” he says standing at the table I have my feet on with the equipment on it. “Sounds good I could go for a cup of Joe” I say standing up. “Here take these” he says handing me and Kyle each a silver magnum with crosses on the barrels, along with head sets that only cover one ear and have an antenna that clips on to our pants. “So can these kill the demons” I ask knowing the answer. “They should” mike says sure of himself about the weapons. “Well I hate to break it to ya but these won’t kill them” I say lifting Pandora’s Box onto the table. “Let me guess” mike says with anger behind his voice “you have the weapons that can kill them in there?” he asks pointing to Pandora’s Box. “Nope this is the weapon” I say putting the scythe on my back. “A scythe?” mike asks annoyed that a scythe can kill the demons instead of his guns. “Yes and Pandora’s Box too” I added picking it up. “Wait WHAT!!…but it’s a vase not a briefcase” he says with anger and dismay about it actually being a briefcase instead of the vase. “Listen my friend question nothing in the world and all answer will reach you in due time, you hear that Mr. Fluffy. I say stretching out. “So” Kyle says turning on her head set “I’m stuck with the Fluffy twins and a Tech-head.” She says with a sly smile. “Yep” I say turning mine on too. “Fluffy…twins? Never mind” mike says turning his head set on. “So let’s get going it will take a couple of minutes to get to his house so I say we hurry and hope that there aren’t anymore demons out there.” I say holding Pandora’s Box behind my right shoulder. “Okay we’ll take the short way there by cutting through the mall” mike says taking back the magnum he gave me, which I’m cool with since it is useless to me anyways. “Well I’m afraid that we can’t make it though there with out demons seeing us” Kyle says showing us the screen on the computer. On it there is a knight with angel wings in gold armor with a sword that is glowing red. “He’s not a demon from hell…” says the wolf I look down and he’s next to me looking at the screen “so I take it he is from heaven?’ I ask him, the others look at me, Kyle knowing what is going on says nothing while mike…asks if I’m talking to an imaginary friend, I tell him “hell no, I’m talking to Mr. Fluffy now shush” the wolf than adds “I think that they may be man made trough black magic…but I can’t tell” just than Dante appears sitting on the table with his left leg over his right leg and his arms crossed behind his head. “So what I miss Mr. Fluffy?” “Not much, except I got Pandora’s Box added to my arsenal of devil arms” I say bringing it down to my side. “So that’s where it went I’ve been wondering where it went” he says standing up “so where are we going” he asks taking the forth conveniently placed head set that was not there at first. While turning it on Kyle answers “we’re going to tech-head’s house to set up base there and that’s as far as we planed at the moment.” She says taking one of Dante’s guns. He looks at her with an eye brow raised and says humorously “what, you like my guns?” “Yeah, because they can kill demons” she says checking the guns sight pointing it at the wall. “Well than, you can use them as long as I get them back” he responds handing her the other gun. “So are we done yet?” Mike asks annoyed that Kyle even traded the magnum for two hand guns. I walk to the door and see a white long coat with a wolf’s paw on the back of it. “Dibs” I say grabbing it and throwing it over my shoulder, holding it behind me. Dante, Kyle, and Mike fallow me outside. Once outside Kyle gets a good clear look at the sky along with mike and I. Dante says “What’s up with you three? The sky is not falling… is it?” mocking the situation. I look over at him than at Kyle and Mike. “We should move before something decides to let our blood out and make it a darker crimson with out blood” I said trying to get every one to start moving to Mike’s house. “Yeah, okay, lets g-go” Kyle says nervously looking at us. “By the gods this is new…” Mike says looking at his magnums. Dante takes the lead fallowed by Mike than Kyle, than me. We walked past the remains of the Hell Gate, than a K-Mart that has been boarded up with shelves from the inside, I smell the pheromone from Kyle that suggest that she is scared beyond all reason right now and I gently grab her shoulder so she can try and calm down some, but I wound up startling her at first than she calmed down some, while Mike just was to intrigued by all the bones of animals and the crimson sky above to be afraid. We reach the mall after ten minutes of walking out in the open carefully. The glass wall is completely shattered and a few human corpses lay at the entrance torn to shreds. Kyle could not take the sight of this and threw up in the trash can near by the door. Dante says jokingly “well this is the kind of welcome that just makes you fill warm and fuzzy inside, right Kyle?” She answers “yeah except I would have hung their heads from the ceiling instead” wiping the leftover stomach contents from around her mouth. With her shirt sleeve “A woman after my own heart” Dante replies joking yet again. “Sorry but I’m not looking for a man that can barely get work and pay the bills on time” Kyle says smartly at Dante. I laugh and so does Mike. Dante looks at her like damn….how’d she now I can’t get work that easily. “All well” he says shrugging his shoulders “yet all my work pays everything in the end” he adds walking in the mall. Mike fallows him inside while I wait with Kyle, while she regains her composer some more. “Sorry that you have to wait on me Farmer…”she says with disappointment in her voice. “It’s cool, besides I don’t trust Mike” I say after turning my head set off. Kyle does the same with her head set “so I take it you sense something about him you don’t like” she asks looking at me after sitting on the curve. I sit next to her while looking into her eyes, “I don’t sense something but my gut is saying something is not right with him”. “So I guess you’re not as powerful as you can be” she says looking in to my eyes also. “Tch, I guess…” I see something in her eyes that makes me say “what the…” which makes her nervous and she asks “what is wrong…am I turning in to a demon??”. “Nothing it’s nothing and no you’re not turning in to a demon Kyle” I say standing up with my hand out to help her up. She grabs it and stands up saying “we better go before Dante decides to joke me for being alone with you a lot.” “Alright” I said walking to the door again. She fallows closely. We enter carefully and I see Dante sitting on a massage chair ahead of us with his arms crossed and his left leg under his right leg. Mike is no where in sight. After about thirty-five steps I stop in front of the Chinese import store and look inside and it is untouched by the demons and the owner is in there manning the store still. Kyle bumps into me and I fall forward on to the ground and she freaks out that I fell, Dante laughs loud enough that I turn Pandora’s Box in to a machine gun and fire at him before I stand up. I miss of course, but I had to shoot at him any ways because he annoyed me. I stand up while Pandora’s box turns back to normal, Dante is right next to Kyle laughing at me some more, after I’m done getting up, I dust my self off and swing the jacket back over my shoulder with Pandora’s box at my side. “So I say we check out china town imports for equipment” I said pointing inside the store. “Whoa that is weird, how that store is left intact compared to the rest that are demolished from the attack.” Kyle says looking in. “lucky kitty protects all from demons” Dante says looking at the lucky cat statue near the entrance. I walk in to the store carefully knowing that I am now a demon and what Dante said mike some sense to me, the owner is a heavy set Asian with short black hair set up like a business man’s and he is wearing a blue polo shirt with jeans sitting on a stool in the back of the store. The man says “Hey, can you tell me what is going on out there?” I answer “The end of the world kind of”. “Ooooo” he says looking at Dante and Kyle. Dante and Kyle walk in with Dante asking “Hey you got any thing useful to sell?” the manager answers “no, but I know that lucky cat can get you things you want to kill demons” he points to the lucky cat statue. “Sweet, but what is the catch?” I ask looking at the statue. “You need to use a power that I can not sell you, you will have to kill a demon near by that has the power to access the statue’s power” Kyle says “ so will I be…” her sentience is interrupted by gun fire from down the hall. I run out while Dante stands there and shrugs his shoulders. Out of the store I see the demon in gold armor with angel wings hovering over a bloody corpse, impaled by its sword. The demon looks up at me and says “This world will fall and be reborn brought by the power of his holiness and the great lord” I look at it and say “And they will fall by the power of the moon’s army” I blink four times, “wait what I just say” I think to my self. The demon draws the sword from the corpse and his wings turn to a shield on his left arm. “It has been a while sense I had a decent fight with blades, lets hope you can keep me entertained” I said drawing the scythe from my back after placing Pandora’s Box on the ground. There is an engine revving sound coming from the demons sword and I notice he is squeezing the hand guard. I throw the jacket up in the air and start to count down “3…2…1...” the demon starts to walk over to me. I transform in to my werewolf form, ( I am now calling it that) and completely open the scythe and hold it with one hand, sharp side up, dull side down with the point behind me. “His holiness will see you vanquished for you insubordinate” the demon says walking to me faster. The jacket drifts down in front of me and I hear the demon charge his sword and wings flap. I turn the scythe in to a spear, step back and hold it pointed at the demon behind my jacket the way Spartans would do in battle. The demon charges at me with a slash, his head meets my spear and stays on it while his torso moves past me after slashing my stomach. My jacket is thrown back up in the air from the demons charge; I turn around with a slash mark on my chest with fur missing around it I spin the spear above my head, step back and take the same stance facing his torso which is still standing. “You are good as a spear demon but your wound will not heal so soon demon, for the Order’s weapons are made to kill you demons…now…till…we…meet in person demon” there is a blue light from the armor, than it collapses to the ground. “The Order? What could he mean?” I say turning back to a human, the jacket lands on my shoulders like I am wearing it. Dante is near the corpse “what a waste” he says looking at the corpse. I look at him and say “taking life is a waste I know” he looks back at me and says “no I mean what a waste of a perfectly good magnum with a knife built in and his shirt has blood on it with a picture of me” I sigh, look at Dante than say “you a** hole”. “What? It really is a waste of a cool shirt” he responds picking up the magnum. Mike runs over in boots, camo paints, and a black tank top with his two magnums in hoisters at his side. “What the hell happened?” he says breathing heavily from running. “Nothing I could not handle Mike Mike” I say collapsing the scythe. “Aw man I was hopping to be able to kill a demon with my guns” mike says looking at the armor that remains. “Maybe next time kid” Dante says walking over to the armor. I throw the scythe up in to the air and quickly swing the jacket in a circle over my head than quickly slide my left arm in the jacket sleeve, fallowed by my right arm in the right sleeve, I hold my right arm out and catch the scythe. Dante then proceeds to say in a mocking tone “well, aren’t you just awesome puppy” ignoring him, I put the scythe in the holster on my back. I walk back in to the store to talk to the owner about weapon deals…ok, well movie deals due to him having a movie I wanted to get for quite awhile. After talking with him for about ten minutes, I say bye and we leave the shop and continue our journey to Mike’s house. After about five minutes of walking we reach the food court, we what remains of the food court, Dante comes to a complete stop “well it was fun playing with you guys and puppy but, I have to take my leave and pick up some pizza for lunch and meet up with Trish” Dante than jumps through a hole in the roof than vanishes. “a** hole” I think walking forward in to the food court, just than someone is thrown through the mall wall from the left of me. Kyle says “woo” out of surprise and Mike draws his guns and aiming over to the person. I look over to where the person was thrown and a knight in armor like the golden knight from earlier today but the armor is blue with a cape and the helmet is off reveling a face that is similar to Dante’s but his hair is slipped back and is skin is pale, with red eyes and highly noticeable dark blue veins in his face. The knight has no swords in hand or on his person. I hear the person that was thrown stand up, I look over to them and they wobbling uncontrollably back and forth like he or she is drunken almost. I realize that the drunken person is an elderly man that is buffed, wearing black gi pants, is bald with a short beard that is untrimmed. The man rolling the Rs yells “brrring it on you bloody demon!” The knight laughs to himself than I hear fire engulfing something for a second. The knight appears from blue fire in front of the old man, than tries to punch the old man, but he leans backwards with out moving his legs and falls backwards and falls asleep, I could tell because I heard him snoring. The knight tries to stomp the old guy’s skull in, and he missed when the old guy rolled out of the way than he spins on his back kicking the knight’s knees. The knight drops to one knee while the old man rolls over on to his stomach than back flips on to his feet. The old man reverse spin back fists the knight in the face and yells loud in a Scottish accent, “So you want some of grandpa’s milk!” the knight falls over and is engulfs in blue fire again. The Knight appears by the glass doors. He says in a calm voice, “warrior, what is your name?” The old man replies bowing “I am God to many, kuroyasu zao to others but my real name is Adam, and may I enquire who thou is?” he finishes bowing. The knight answers, “I too have many names, but for now call me Gilver, till we meet again” blue fire engulfs Gilver and he vanishes. The Adam walks over to us not even remotely drunk and says “so children why are you here? Shouldn’t you be playing games or something?” he puts his left hand on his head and grabs it piercing his skin. I look at him and so does Mike and Kyle. I go to say something but Mike cuts me off, by yelling “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN YOUR GOD!” Adam literally pulls his face off to reveal an eighteen year old boy with the same beard, but has mutton chops and short hair. “I am god, that’s what I mean” Adam answers Mike. “Mike, the guy has a big ego what more do you want to know?” I said crossing my arms. Kyle looks confused at Adam for him taking his face off, “so you don’t need a weapon to fight demons?” Kyle asks Adam checking for any weapons he has on him. “My weapon is some where around here” Adam answers looking around the food court “now if I was a curved staff with scythe heads on both ends, facing opposite directions like a windmill where would I be” he added crossing his arms, “agh screw it, HERE BOY, COME MERE” Adam yells and whistles a few times. A Nodachi flys at Adam unsheathed, I catch it at the hilt right before it could run Adam through. “now why would you try to kill me again” Adam says looking at the sword, “ha your right and that’s why I let you live” he says grabing the Nodachi’s blade then takeing it from my hands, no blood being drawn from his hands, “now turn in to you main form before im forced to beat down that kid who does not beleve in my power and my title of god” Mike looks at him annoyed and walks off angered by the fact Adam would even clam to be called god, “so where are you going my children?” he asks as the Nodachi morphs in to a double sided scythe, after words he pulls the sycthe in two from the middle and a chain is reveled connecting both sides of the scythe together, he wraps it around his waist , both blade tips pointing behind him. Kyle answers “Mike Mike’s house” she says keeping an eye on mike walking off.
    “mind if I join you children on your quest to do what ever during the apocalipse?”
    “you’ll fallow us any ways” I answered
    “yep” Kyle answered
    “hell yes” Mike yells from the shatterd glass doors.
    “then its settled im comeing with you for I have nothing better to do” Adam says walking to the doors now. I look at Kyle and she looks at me, shrugs then fallows Adam and I fallow her. Outside I hear screaming and screaching from the same direction, the screaching causes me to drop to one knee and cover my ears with my hands, squinting in pain. I think Kyle hears me drop and kneels down next to me with one hand on my back and she says something, but the screaching is covering up what she says. The screaching stops, I open my eyes and see Kyle next to me while I cant see Mike or Adam. I cant hear anything clearly from the screaching, I stand up as does Kyle, I looks around and Adam along with Mike are distracting a group of survivers from hell guards that look like the ones from earlyer but they are bigger and their cloaks look like they are made of shadows and their scyths are blue. Adam dodges a slash and lands next to me with one arm on my sholder and the other holding is scythe seperated from the other half but has a weight at the other end of the chain. I look at him and he smacks me in the back of the head and says “ took out their jaws so you don’t have to whine about their high pitch voices anymore also I sold pandora’s box to a demon for some souls to buy stuff so thanks for the help there” my right eye twitches and before I could say anything he pushes down on my sholder and luches himself off it at one of the Hell guards then slashes at it with his scythe cutting it in half. Mike yells aloud “s**t I NEED AMMO” he says ejecting the last clip from his magnums, Adam answers “THAT’S WHY YOU SHOULD OF USED THE STAFF OF SEXYNESS WHEN I TOLD YOU TO” Mike belarly ducks on time to dodge a slash at his head. “these are decoys” Mr. fluffy says standing next to me, I look down at him “realy??”
    “yeah, someone is having them fight to keep you from helping everyone else running”
    “so…whats th plan?”
    “ignore them and run with the everyone and find out who it is that is pulling the strings here”
    “got it, Kyle make sure mike doesn’t get him self killed please and I’ll be back…with more weapons” I tell her and run towards the survivers before she can says anything.
    As I catch up to everyone I see a giant snake with multipule heads eating demons and humans alike.
    “I take it that’s here to maintain a balance of life in the area?”
    “well…can we kill it?”
    “hurt it in anyway shape or for…” before I can finish my sentence I am crushed by something and then eaten by something else. Inside a stomich I find people on top of cars avoinging the snakes stomic acid, I unforcenitly feel a burning sensation from my left foot; I sit up to find it in its stomich acid, “well there goes my good shoes” I pull out my foot and it is okay from the stomic acid, but I cant say my shoe made it out alive. Someone sees me do that and that my foot is okay and screams loudly and panic insues the place near me. “calm down people im not here to kill you, im here to kill…hmm I know what the snake’s name is but I cant rember… o yeah its yamamoto no orochii and then go recover my mind from other demons and devils” unforcentetly it only made the sitiation worse when I said that. “screw it ill kill this thing and let you all die” I said reaching for my scythe “huh??” my scythe is missing along with my jacket but I find a letter stapled to my pants and it reads “hey I needed your scythe for a demon along wih your jacket so have a nice time in there from the holy father” crushing the letter in my hand I think “he loves to rob me a lot” through some magical force or something. A letter flys in to my face. “from god” I grab the letter, pulling it from my face. Reading aloud “I don’t rob you I barrow without the entint of letting you know, there is a diffreance you know?”