• Well, I guess starting with my birth would be necessary.
    When I was born my own mother became disgusted w/ me. For she saw my birthmark on my head and wanted it removed, but my father persuaded her. A strange native American women said great things would happen to me. ( But I think she jinxed me )

    Then, well;
    My father and mother got married for reasons instead of love. My mother became angry w/ father shortly after they were wedded. Father took me to grandmother's w/ him shortly after my mother's temper went over the edge. Why? I'm not quite sure. But mother took me back a couple years later.

    Couple Years Later;
    My mother loved sleep (Like most humans) but over slept a lot. One day my big brother took me out of my crib and placed me in the living room. My father called; no one answered. He soon came to the house; finding the door unlocked and me on the floor having a seizure.
    He raced down to the hospital and I was taken to the emergency room. I soon was taken back to my mother.

    Not Too Much Later;
    I cut my finger open and needed stitches; luckily mother was awake. ( I know, the fact that she was awake even surprises me!) I had stitches; I now have a scar on my finger as a reminder of the day.

    ..................... I plan to skip the weird things I did as a toddler and skip straight to the year my mother and her 1, 2, 3, 3rd boyfriend got into a fist fight. ( By the by, my mother had given birth to 2 more children by this time. )

    The Fist Fight (Much Later);
    My mother worked at a bar called Logans. One night, my mother's 3rd boyfriend took me w/ him as we went to pick mother up from the bar. Her boyfriend (3rd boyfriend that is) had cut his hand w/ a knife while cleaning the dishes before picking up mother. When we arrived, her 3rd boyfriend began showing mother's friends the cut on his hand; disgusting them. As I; a strange child, threw peanuts at nearby people. When we returned home mother and her 3rd boyfriend began to argue. Getting louder as I crawled in bed. Then I heard screaming and banging. I left my room and went to the scene to find mother being held down on the couch by her 3rd boyfriend. He said, "Sweety, look at mommy! She's a bad mommy and I'm punishing her! XD" He then shoved her face in a pillow. I rushed and called the cops; who took me away to child services.

    After Shock From the Fight;
    I had to stay w/ strangers; who spoiled me rotten. As my mother fought in court to keep me. I was forced to go to therapy; which quite frankly; I enjoyed. For I was spoiled there too. My mother lied and said I didn't have a father, so she could keep me. Soon, I moved away from my foster family and moved in w/ my aunt who I loved.

    A Few Years Later;
    My father and his girlfriend took me to live w/ them for a while, but I was soon living w/ mother again.

    The Sexual Abuse;
    One day mother had work and dropped me off w/ grandmother and step grandfather. Grandmother took my two young uncles out to the fair and left me behind w/ grandfather. Grandfather is a sick disgusting man who finds humor and satisfaction in raping/ sexually abusing little girls. He decided to do this to me. ( I didn't know any of it was wrong, so I never told anyone. )

    Years Later;
    I soon got to live w/ my father again. He was a marine; so we moved from his home in South Carolina to California. I enjoyed a happy life w/ my father until memories began to hit me.

    The Truth;
    Soon, the truth that my grandfather had touched me and raped me made me want to commit suicide, but by mistake, I told his girlfriend about the rape. She signed me up for therapy and made me tell father. I began to deal and still do.

    Now, I am a 12 year old girl; still taking darn therapy, worrying about the future, and trying to deal w/ peer pressure.