• No Homework

    Homework, what is the point of getting it? Some people don’t even try to complete it. When some people do complete it they get a bad grade on it. It’s like blah!!! “WE DON’T WANT IT,” so teachers shouldn’t give it to us.
    One of the biggest reasons why we don’t need homework is because we are in school for 8 hours of our day already. We have enough time to do school work when were in school, so why do they assign homework. Some people say they give out homework because they don’t want us to forget what we did that day or how to do the problems. Well I say we don’t forget anything over night, maybe over the summer, but not the night.
    A lot of people have lives; even the people that don’t have lives have lives. Some people have chores; some people have to drive others around because they don’t have licenses. People have dates, sports, and other extracurricular activities after school. SO WHY DO THEY GIVE IT TO US? We are only human. NOT ALIENS. They wouldn’t like it if they got homework and had to correct it, “now would they.” I THINK NOT. They have families, they have jobs and they also have to do bills and taxes.
    Our parents went to school like 24 years ago and the school curriculum changed a lot in that amount of time. It’s kind of hard when you ask your parents for help and they say “they didn’t teach this back then” or “I forgot.” When they don’t understand it, and you come in with homework not complete the next day, you will get a late mark for an F, “FOR FALURE.” No one wants to fail a class and stay in high school for 5 to 6 years. Some people want to go to college, the work force or into the armed forces. When you pop out of your mother, you don’t say, “I am going to stay in high school for five or six years.” Teachers say there is class time or you can get help in school to finish it. But when the teacher is helping other students all hour or there is a substitute that doesn’t know how to do anything, some students don’t get help.
    Some students have so much stress in their life that when they get homework, they feel like they want to hibernate until it’s all over. Like how can you balance school, homework, relationships, chores and still have a good nights sleep without stress? Does it seem a lot to deal with every night? Teachers say that it doesn’t take long to do, but for some people it takes hours to finish it all. Some people don’t have Internet and you can’t go to the public library, so we cant do projects at home. So there’s another F for FAILURE. Plus when we stay up to finish homework, we don’t get enough sleep, we get sick so we miss school and we fall behind.
    Now the purpose for this paper is to make teachers realize that they are putting more stress in our lives just buy giving us homework every night. So ask yourselves again should you give us homework, or do you like torturing us?