• The door closes. The air speaks of a life changing moment. My head is scrambled as I try and piece together all the broken, fragmented thoughts. When did my world suddenly crumble, or maybe I've always been on the verge of insanity? Isn't there someone out there, somewhere who will stop me tonight?
    My knees hit the floor, and my arms wrap around me as if trying to hold in the breakdown. Tears stream hot and wet down my face as everything comes to a climax. No one can hear me now, as if they wanted to. My eyes open, though I had no idea I had them squeezed so tightly shut, this was going to be my moment. Clenching onto the dresser I heave myself onto unwilling feet and there I see ordinary, plain, lifeless scissors. What a perfect ending. The things that were used to cut me from my mother's womb would send me into the ground.
    Grasping the handles I stare at the blades. Who was that person in the reflection? Peering closer I see a strange, warped monster like creature. Where have I gone? I must have existed somewhere, some time, or maybe I died long ago? My mind races as my heart beats faster. I rest a blade on the inside of my elbow. The tears start again and I attempt to hold them back, but the dam had broken. I press the blade a little... How deep could I go before a bone intervened?
    Good bye........

    And thus the cycle will continue till all the lost are found.