• The human race has never been perfect.
    It is certain that it will never be.
    Why do we say this?
    Vainity is what really drives us to do things. Nothing we do really has a bearing on the universe.
    We look nice, look fit, feel good because we WANT to. Not because it matters at all. You die in the end anyway.
    We don't value life like people used to do back then. Things that would've been truly spectacular are now dismissed as tiny incidents.
    War rages on every shore. Even so, despite the losses, we still have overpopulation problems.
    Recession after recession has hit our markets. People go bankrupt, people starve, and people die.
    Then, we have the theorists. What good is it to study life when it has no meaning anyway. But just look how EXCITING it can be. That is why we do it.
    WE govern ourselves by morality. Really, morality doesn't mean a damn in the face of the universe. In some other universe, murdering and stealing might be perfectlly acceptable while being nice might be a grave sin.
    In the end, just don't worry about it. you probably don't understand anyway.
    But isn't it just interesting to think about? rofl
    Yep, I bet it is.