• I hate it when everyone expect me to be something great.
    Everyone is expecting me to be a bread winner of our family, simply because I'm the eldest.
    Not only that, they also expect me to be a role model to my brothers and cousins, WTF ! !.

    I know its cool to be someone they look up too and really have high hopes of something great I will become. But why can't they understand I didn't ask for any of this crap.
    I know for the fact I don't have the right to complain on what life gives you.

    But all this pressure, rules, and responsibilities is making it hard for me. Anyway who like responsibilities right?. I know who I am, and I know my self better than anyone else in this world. So I know for the fact that it's not in my nature to be calm, cool, and be Mr. someone that is great. Coz I know for the fact that I am crazy, lazy (sometimes), wild, funny, energetic, hyper and irresponsible(well not always ok?). But you get the picture, I can't be the person that they want me to be. They always tell me to " do this! !, do that ! !, be like himher," its so annoying and tiring.

    Well it's not like I'm going to rebel on them or going to be a black sheep of the family. As a matter of fact I'm pretty good at obeying there crappy rules and doing my obligations as being the eldest to everybody.

    but here is my point, the real me is left out and its somewhere stuck inside me. Waiting for that chance to explode. I'm living in a world full of pretenders and in that world I am the master and the king. I hate, sick and mostly tired of having a 2 face or split personalty all the time.

    to all eldest son like me and who can ever relate with my story, hope your handling your responsibilities better than I do.

    " you can't change a person, if that person doesn't want to change"