• (*Think About It*)
    It Seems To Me Like Every Time I Turn My Back.
    You Say Things.
    And Alot Of It Gets Back To Me.
    And I Know When I Get Mad I Say Mean Things That I Don't Really Mean.
    But, What You Said Is UnForgiveable.
    Its Not And Never Will Be Your Choice In Who I Date.
    And Just Because You Don't Like Him Doesn't Mean I Have To Break Up With him.
    And Yeah.

    I'm a Slut.
    I'm A Slut For Trying To Find Somebody Who Will Actully Take Care Of My Heart Instead Of Just Saying They Love Me And Then
    Slamming The Brakes And Telling Me They Hate Me.
    If This Is How It's Gonna Be Then I Want Out.
    I Can't Stand Here Waiting Forever.
    One Minute You Say Were Best Friends And Were never Gonna Be Apart.
    Then The next.
    You Say Stuff Like You Did.
    And I Hope Your Happy With Yourself.
    I Hope Your Happy That You Took Me And Threw Me Across The Room.
    Like A Stupid Rage Doll.
    I'm not A Toy & I Refuse To Be One Any Longer.
    This Is Why I Can't Choose Between People.
    Because I'm Afraid Everythings Gonna Turn Back on Me.
    Thats Why I Freaked When You Told Me I had To Choose.
    I Cant Hang On Any Longer For You.

    I Remeber This Girl She Was My Best Friend.
    My Sister.
    She Kept Most Of The Secrets I Haven't Told Any One.
    She Intro~Duced Me To God.
    We'd Make Eachother Laugh until We All Most Pee'd Our Pants.
    Were Is That Girl?
    I Want Her Back.
    Your Not The Same Girl I Remember.

    I Know That She Would Never Say Anything That Rude Or Mean To Any Of Her Friends.
    She Wouldn't Ever Take in Gossip And Believe Every Once Of It.
    She Wouldn't Go And Call Her Friend She Herd About And Start Yelling.
    She Would Get The Facts First.

    I Want That Girl Back.
    I Don't Even Know You Any More.

    So The Next Time Your In Trouble.
    Don't Come To Me.
    Next Time You Get Your Self In To A Situtation Were You Can't Get Out.
    Don't Come To Me.
    Next Time You Need A Friend. When Times Are Hard.
    Don't Come To Me.
    Cause I Won't Be Here.

    I Promised You That I Wouldn't Leave.
    And I Didn't.
    I Promised You I'd Be There.
    And I Was.
    I Promised You That I'd Whatch Your Back.
    And I Covered You.

    I Never Left.
    You Did.
    I Was Always There.
    You Weren't.
    I Had Your Back.
    And You Didn't Even Defend Me.

    I'm Done With Opening Old Doors.
    I've Closed Yours And Opened A new One.
    I'm Takeing The People That I Can Count On.
    And Leaveing.
    And By The Time You Figure Out What You've Lost.
    I'm Already Gone.

    So Long.
    Hope You Have A Great Rest Of Your Life.
    Don't Call.
    Don't Text.
    Don't Leave Me Any Messages.
    I've already Left.

    So Think About It.
    Who Really Lost in This Battle?
    Not Me.
    Who Gave Up Something Speacial?
    Not Me.
    Who Left Who?
    You Left Me.
    Which one Of Us Really Was There?
    From the Looks Of It. I Was.

    Thats Were I'm Ending This And Thats My Last Word.