• tab Its been week for Liam and Olivia's love. That means it was time to leave science camp. As they boarded onto their bus for home, Liam and Olivia were talking.
    tab "Well, this has been great. Even though it may almost be the end of school, we will still be able to see each other, right?" Liam asked with bright eyes.
    tab "Oh." Olivia looked down at her feet.
    tab "What's wrong?"
    tab "Um, nothing. Yeah, we can still see each other," Olivia lied, and she knew something terrible was coming her way, but she was already in to deep.
    tab "Look. We're back." Liam smiled at her.
    tab "Oh, cool." Olivia dare not look at Liam with the look in her eyes.
    tab Liam took Olivia by the waist, but Olivia still didn't look towards him.
    tab "I guess I better get going home," Olivia said with a sad tone in her voice.
    tab "I'll walk with you!" Liam begged.
    tab "Um, no. It's fine. Um, I'll call you later."
    tab "Oh. Okay, um bye." Liam kissed her goodbye.
    tab Olivia quickly left after the kiss, and Liam stand there confused and sad.
    tab Olivia's mind raced with terrible things. What will Liam think if I told. I can't tell him, but I cannot abandoned his love. What sha'll I do?
    tab Obviously, you may not know the problem that is about to happen, but you will soon understand the intense and painful truth of Olivia's secret.
    tab - - - - -
    tab Olivia was in her room, thinking of the secret she was keeping from Liam. She was having a flashback of a dreadful call she got in science camp after her Liam was asleep.
    tab "Hello?"
    "Little miss Olivia Manning, am I right?"
    "Why do you ask? Who are you trying to call me in the middle of the night?"
    "That isn't important. What's important is you follow this simple rule. Do you understand?"
    "And if I don't?"
    "You will be face to face with my gun."
    "Just follow these instructions. Don't be seen with Liam . . . AT ALL."

    tab And he hung up. Olivia started to tear up, wondering how could this have happened. She finally cried herself to sleep, having the most terrible nightmares ever to be dreaming of.