• I wake up in the middle of the night screaming my head off I dont know why but I cant stop thinking about them. The next morning I come down stairs to see my step mother making me and my so called perfect family some breakfast. The kitchen is filled with silence, I feel natious just looking at him. I leave the table and head out for school.

    I walk down the hallway and head into Mrs.Spelling's class. She welcomes the students as they fill the classroom, I take my books out and begin working. At the end of the day i was suprised to see the day was allready over and the bell had rung. I ran home quikley so that I would'nt get into trouble.

    I lock myself in the room, I hear my mothers footsteps heading towards my room as she opens the door I quikley burried my journal under my pillow, I fear its time again she said while taking a deep breath. i shout and holler out I dont want to im sick and tired. She grabs my arms and shakes me, listen I dont like this either but I cant tell anyone, He"ll kill us all so please just do it for your sister, I wipe my eyes and nod my head.

    He comes into my room and finishes me off. As he leaves down the hallway I hear his footsteps closing in near my sisters room. I dart right past him and locked me and sara in the closet. I thought to myself I cant let him touch her.

    I breath heavily as my sister looks for my inhailer, its nowere to be found. She panics to call 911, my palse is faiding. I can hear the sirens closer and closer but I cant help but black out.

    i wake up to my sisters voice she crys out loud and rushes over to hug me. I struggle to sit up, I ask were mom and stepdad is and the doctor replies that they are being held in jail but theres also some bad news too. I say, please tell what is it? He says you are pregnant theres no way we can give the abortion to you without you living but if you have the baby there is a 99 percent chance that you will live. Hours later I finally fall asleep.

    Sara is sitting beside me, she is worried. The doctor walks into the room, I am still asleep he says to sarah I may not make it through the night, sara crys just staring at me waiting and hoping that she wont be alone. Im all shes got.