• One calm day when I was alone in my house I got a phone call from my mom, she said that one of my teachers is going to move in and stay for a Month. I asked “Who?” My mom replied “Mr. bob your math teacher.” I asked “How and why!” She replied “I’ll explain at home.”

    At home she explained every detail. This is what she said “Your teacher gas tank exploded and blew up half of the house and the other house collapsed. He smelled something weird so he ran towards his car to get his Mobil phone since his house phone is broken. When he reach his car the tank exploded and he was thrown into the air and fall on the ground. I was driving home and saw some smoke so I call 999 wahmbulance and when I got there its you teacher’s house and he was lying on the ground. So the Ambulance came and took him to the hospital. So when he principal heard the news he called me and asked if our house was available for your teacher to stay. So I just let him because he had nowhere else to stay. He will move in next week.”

    After a long night of explanations I went to sleep thinking how would it be with a teacher next to my room. sweatdrop