• It must be dark up there!" I whispered to mom as Kaitln's shawdow peered thru the dark blue curtains. I squrmed in the uncomfterble theatre seats. Mom tried to hold me down but it was to hard to stop in these itchy seats. The dark blue curtains opened slowly and a little girl walked forward. The bright warm stage lights made her shawdow cast over the crowd. I smiled bright as she smiled softly picking the black microphone up closer to her mouth. "Hey guys!" She ecalimed smiling and waving to the crowd. The thong of people scremed with exciment. "Alright, are you guys ready to hear some music from Me and my band?" She asked looking back at a girl on the drums, another on the electric guitar, another on the bass and another on a guitar. They winked at her and started to play a rhymitic beat!.....bud....ump......whhhwhha......bud.....ump......whhhwhha. "When your walking....down the street!!!! I see that your walking with two other girls.........................'' a few minutes later "YAAAAAAA! just another lier!!!" The crowd cheered wildly jumping up and down and shaking there signs left to right. Katiln waved bye and her and her band disapered behind the curtains. I cupped my hands around my mouth and sheriked "I love you Kaitln!" The crowd screemed wildly. "Kaitln! Kaitln! Kaitln!" The crowd chanted. Soon I hered nothing and everyone was gone. "Kat! Kat! Kat!" I hered Kaitln shake me awake. I opened my eyes and explained my dream, and she said "That wasn't a dream I performed at my school last night..but......you fell asleep in the car." I giggled and said "Well you did wonderful last night Kaitln." I hugged her tight and we both smiled "Your the best sister ever!" We both said it at the same time. We both giggled and walked in the kitchen for breakfeast.