• I sat in my chair behind the stage, and I felt kinda nervous my leg was shaking.
    I fiddled with the index cards in my hand for my speech. I reread them over and over and over, mostly just trying to make myself confident but more stressed.

    "Ugh... I just need to get this over with, damn.."

    I looked at the list who was supposed to be next. Keria Lyn was up right now, so I was after 3 more people. I got more stressed.
    It's just a speech. What am I so scared about?
    I got off my chair and went off stage to "use the bathroom". I looked to see how much people were there in the audience. A lot. Then I felt like I really did need to use the bathroom.

    Another person went on the stage, 2 more people now.
    What is taking so long?!
    I somehow made myself irritated by that. Then I felt kinda stupid. So I just decided to wait a while, then I felt like running way. I started walking off to the emergency exit, but then one of the teachers caught me.

    "What are you doing, Hun? It's almost your turn for your speech! No dilly-dallying yet."

    I turned around and sat back down again. I slouched and pouted at my chair 'till someone thinks there's something wrong with my back and drive me to the hospital.

    Another person's turn to go on the stage, 1 more to go. I'm hoping it will take a long time then people will get bored and leave the building, so less people for me!

    After a few minutes already, the person that was about to give the speech cried and ran off the stage.

    The last person went on the stage. I felt like there was a big flashing arrow saying "Next person to say their speech!" and that everyone was going to stare at me. So I just waited patiently.


    The left the stage calmly, hope I will do that. I walked very slowly to the stage lights, but then teachers started staring at me with confused eyes. I walked a little faster to the stage.

    I finally got to the podium. I thought it would take hours 'till I got there. I looked at the audience, they looked at me.


    The teachers looked at me. I was going to say something, but then all of a sudden my stomach hurt.

    I puked.