• It was December 31st, 2007. I remember it clearly. Like it was just yesterday. My mother and I were heading home, and while driving, she was talking on the phone with my grandpa. He said he was feeling a slight stomachache but he said he didn't want to go to the hospital. He said that if he did go, they would leave him there (he wouldn't be able to spend New Year's Eve with us). 15 minutes later, when we got home, grandma called mom on her cellphone and told her that grandpa was lying on the floor and that he had fallen. Grandma had already called an ambulance and we were already on our way. Our house isn't that far away from grandma's , so we got there in like 20 minutes. When we got there i saw my grandpa's body and i still had some hope in that he would be alive. I dedicated almost all night to comforting my grandma, because she was crying. At the end of the night, when we were in the car i asked mom: "He's dead isn't he?" and she said: "I'm afraid"-she sobbed-"he is." By then i realized that it was the worst day of my life. By now (3/8/09) it's a matter of before and after. I realize my life has changed and i've let God change my soul and heart.

    This is my personal story...
    PEACE, Grandpa! crying