• Once upon a time, there was a small village always covered in winter snow. The perfect place for a Christmas...

    except there was none. The people didn't see the reason.

    "There is much too work." some would say. "Who wants to celebrate an old fat man breaking and entering in our houses." another would say.

    In this village, nobody had the Christmas spirit but one.

    A girl. Long blond hair and deep sea green blue eyes. No one knew her name but called her 'snow' since she loved it so much. She was around fifteen and was the sweetest but strangest girl the village had ever seen.

    She could always be found playing in the snow, either by herself or with the children of the village. There were times when the villagers even saw her play with wolves and other animals of the forest. Her parents were nonexistent. The villagers knew she lived in the simple little cottage near the Great Evergreen tree in the middle of the town. She lived not poorly but wore the simplest of clothes and sometimes no shoes even in the coldest of days.

    Any money she had extra money she had would go to the needy. She was an odd girl but a loved girl.

    Snow always loved Christmas. She would decorate her home with handmade ornaments and invite families to eat with her each year. But she was saddened each year as the people never were happy on Christmas. She vowed that this year would be different.

    On the week of Christmas Day, she spent it either in her home or shopping. The people were curious at what she was doing but dismissed it as her being her.

    On Christmas Eve morning, tired but happy, she looked at her finished projects. Her room was stocked with foods and toys.

    "Today." she told herself. "I'll make them happy."


    That night, as the villagers were asleep, Snow crept out of her home with bags filled with the things she brought. With pride in herself, she walked the night. At each home, Snow placed smaller bags of food and goods for them. Some of the things she thought would at least put a smile on their faces

    By midnight, every neighboring household had presents at their doorstep. She went to the middle of town and looked the barren tree.

    How sad it looks she thought. It became her new project in making the people happy.

    She spent hours decorating the tree. From ribbons and bows to small glass and crystal pieces, the tree began to glitter. Putting on the last snowflake on the tree, she thought it was complete- until she realize there was no star on top of the tree.

    She grabbed the star she had for her own tree and climbed up the tree. When she reached, she was about to finish off the tree when-

    She felt herself falling as the treetop began to look further away. Her fatigue and week long work finally got the best of her as she fell from the tree.

    The snow cushioned her fall, but she couldn't move. Her body felt numb for the first time. The cold started to chill her. But when she turned her head, she started to cry. The star laid at her side, broken into pieces.

    "I couldn't do it." she told herself, looking back up at the tree, watching the sun come up. "I'm sorry mom... dad..."

    She felt a warm hand touched her cheek, as if to tell her she did what she could and sleep.

    With that... she closed her eyes...

    ~next morning~

    The townspeople woke up to the surprise of the bags Snow had placed the night before. Grateful, they went to her home to thank her. But with great and tragic shock when they found her under the tree surrounded by a few wolves that tried to shelter her. Cold, Frozen, and Blue.

    The poor girl, they concluded, had frozen to death trying to trim the tree for them.

    The people cried as they began to blame themselves. She worked so hard to make them happy and they gave her nothing in return.

    "The least we can do," spoke the leader of the village. "Is to give this girl the burial she deserves."

    As he went to lift her body, it crystallized, falling out of his arms as snow she loved. The icy powder whirled around them. All when in awe as they watched the powder twirled around the tree, glisten it before it collected at the top, taking a form.

    It formed a lithe body, crystal white blond hair, icy blue green eyes, ice-feathered wings and the clothes they had become accustomed to.

    It was Snow!!!

    She looked the shocked yet happy people with a warming smile. "Do not mourn me, for I am home." She said in voice that echoed. "All I have done for you do for others. I'll be watching over you."

    She then smirked. "Merry Christmas!"

    The ice dust clouded her as she vanished. But not before dropping something in the snow in the shape of a small angel. When it was picked up, it was an porcelain angel.

    It was placed on top of the tree and a light would shine ever so brightly.

    Even since then, every Christmas Eve night and morning, the villagers would decorate the tree in the middle of the town in honor of their Guardian Angel, Snow.

    Thus began beginning the tradition of the Angel tree topper and the 'Snow Angel'.