• It was a cold and dreary december night. Everything was calm and eerily silent. The stars were hidden under a cover of darkness and only the moon lighted the way for weary travelers. The only sound permeating the eternal silence was the slight clacking of leather boots. Th clacking originated from a rather lean young man. It was evident from hi easy stride that this was a man very sure of himself and someone that's always in control. His only visible feature was a pair of deep chocolate eyes void of any emotion set upon an aristocratic looking face. The mysterious young man paused for a second tiliting his head slightly as if waiting for something when suudenly he spotted a figure dash into the shadows of the alleyway. The mans eyes flashed, a menacing glint appearing in the chocolate depths.

    "The chase is on" he whispered softly with a hint of ruthless glee before taking off down the street after the fleeing figure. His dark trench coat fluttering behind him as he dissapeared into the shadows.

    The man raved down the dark and damp alleyway dogeing trashcans and sharp mazelike turns with an ease and grace only a street rat could posses.

    "Damn this bugger's fast" he exclaimed to himself before smiling darkly. "Well it's nice to get a challenge once in awhile" he smirked twistedly. His coat flying behind him blending into the shadows. He grinned widely as he saw his prey approach the train tracks slowing down slightly.

    "Show Time !" he laighed to himself menacinhly reaching into his cargo pants for his dagger only to find a single penny instead.

    "s**t!!" he yelled in his head his eyes widening.