• I see Ghost all the time, I even thought I was crazy and went to see a psychologist, but he did not make sense to me. I saw him for about two months when he told me he could not help me. He said; you are Indian and the thing you have experienced has made you not grounded, you are cot between this world and the next. Sorry.

    My mother in-law died wile I was pregnant with my third child, we buried her in a lavender night gown, she had short red hair. Her death was odd. One day during the summer, in August she got cold and had a bluish color to her, we thought she was getting sick. She said she was cold and did not feel well, just tired. She said she was going to take a worm bath to worm up and then lay down. After her bath she was still blue, she would not let us call the doctor for her. She drank a lot and thought that was all she just had too much to drink already. An hour after she laid down my father-in- law went to check on her, he called the ambulance. Her lips were blue and she was not breathing. The coroner stated that she was dead for at least a week; her body had been poisoned from her liver. She just had not lay down and died yet.

    Five Days latter my son was born. One month and seven days latter my son dies.
    I woke up at 2:00am to feed him and someone was already feeding him, He had long black hair and was in a lavender night gown, she said; go back to sleep I have him; I will always be with him. I was not awake really so I went back to sleep. My son slept in a bassinet next to my side of the bed so I could touch him without getting up. At 6:00am I went to get him up, he was cold and blue. I panicked and woke my husband, he did CPR wile I call the police. The police came. I tried to get them to arrest me because I thought I did something to kill him. They would not arrest me. In fact the paramedics gave me a sedative to com me down. The coroner came and took my son away. He died of SIDS.

    I told every one what I say at 2am, my father-in-law pulled out some photos from the safe and showed them to me. I saw the woman that had last fed my son. But how? She was dead. My sister-in-law went in and searched for the bottle and the blanket that was in his bassinet when he was laid down, but they were gone.

    We had his funeral, which was hard on me; my mother-in-laws Mother, said don't cry for that which you put in the ground, there is nothing there an empty vessel. She is Mormon. But in some strange way, she was right, his sole had moved on.

    A few months after that I got very sick, my gallbladder burst. Some how I managed to get the operator on the phone and she called the ambulance for me. They were too late. I was dead. I arrived at the hospital DOA. I saw them work on my body; I even watched them cover me up with the sheet.

    I was alone; no one could see me or hear me. Then a light came down and I was outside floating up threw the clouds. I entered a place that I can only describe as fantastic. I saw my son and others I felt like I knew. The feeling was happy, safe, worm. There were white pastel colors. It was so grate there are no words in our vocabulary that can really describe the magnitude of beauty there. Then he came, a voice and a large cloud like hand pointing, saying; my child it is not time for you to come to my side you must return your trials are not over. And then I was standing in the hospital room again, OH how I did not want to bee there. Then the voice said, return before you can not and you are trapped, this is my decision to you. So I sat on the table lying down into my body. It did not take long for me to feel pain and feel trapped. I struggled to move my arms to let them know I was alive. I could hear them talking, so I knew there was still some one there because I could still hear them.