• A girl beautifully made inside and outside, was secretly in love with the man of her dreams. The guy whom she loves happened to lose his eyesight in a terrible car accident. Since then, he changed a lot and it shattered his life. All he saw was darkness and mere emptiness; he thought he lost everything not only the literal perception of things, but also the absorbance of their worth and significance to mankind.

    Everything was plain until the girl found her way to his life. She tried to make him see things in a more positive way but the guy never appreciated all her efforts. But then again she didn't give up; she pursued her actions and stayed by his side. She never left him.

    Then came one day when the girl was about to meet the guy, she was hit by a car passing by. She didn't see it coming and the driver was drunk that's why.

    The guy was immediately informed and he quickly went to the hospital. The girl's condition was 50/50.

    And then they were able to talk for the very last time.

    Unexpectedly the guy cried while saying, "I'm so sorry for all the pain that I've caused you, for all the tears that went streaming down your cheeks and for taking your unconditional love for granted. I was so stupid and I do hate myself. I did love you. I love you. And I will always love you. If only God would let me see your angelic face, I would love to kiss your lips. If only..."

    She smiled and uttered her last words, "Those were the sweetest words I've ever heard. I love you, too."

    The guy didn't know her plan of donating her eyes. It was her mother who told him about it right after the moment the girl passed away. Until her death, she was still thinking of the guy's sake. She wants him to recover his eyesight in order to see how wonderful the world is. And it was a success, her eyes lighted his world.

    But then it was still her angelic face which fascinated him the most. And their love lasted forever.