• PART 2.. somethings out there

    Its 7;00.. at last. A knock was at the door. Who may that be? i said in my mind,Laughing at the same time. Of course,It was Ian. I opened the door. and I was right! it was Ian. He had flowers in his hand "For you,My princess!" He says handing me the flowers. I grab them quickly and place them inside the vase I had with roses. He smiles. and I smile back.
    "Are you ready" He says.
    "mmhmm. just let me get a few things."
    "Can I come in???" He says still out the door. I laugh hard!
    "YES! Get your butt inside!" I smile "shut the door,Kay? I'll be down in a moment" I run upstairs. And here the door shut. I smile to myself. And,I try to comb my tangled hair. Owwww. it really hurts! I run down stairs. "Ian..." I say wondering where he is. I run to the kitchen "Ian...? are you he-" My eyes widen.. Something was behind me,I just knew it. I turned to see who was it. "IAN!! You scared me! Don't do that again!" My heart was pounding very hard. I was so nervous. He is laughing very loudly. And,I laugh too,A fake laugh.
    "I'm just too good like that." He says winking at me.
    "Oh really?" I say rolling my eyes.
    "Oh yes. Are we ready!?!" He says doing some kind of Joyful dance.
    "mmhmm,lets go!" So,He opens the door for me. And,I hurry and shoo him out of the way,So i can lock the door. I locked the door. And.. Ian holded the car door open for me.
    "Why thank you!" I say,Smiling.
    "ha-ha. You're welcome!" He shuts the door. and runs to his side. He opens its and then shuts it. He turned on the radio."My favorite song! Turn it up!" I say shocked,Because my favorite song was playing! He smiles and turns the volume up. I start singing the song "I'm wishing on a star... To follow where you ar-" Ian looks at me.. And i look at him.
    "You sing beautifully." He says.
    "Oh really? My parents say i sing like a dieing cat." I laugh and so does he. in about 30 minutes.. We arrive the the resturant. It was empty. Very very empty. I sigh.. Because,Elegant music was playing.. And elegant music makes my eyes watery. So,We were seated to a table. Just near the window. This community was empty. And,It was only 7.00! I wondered.. "What did you want to talk about,Ian?" I say smiling.
    "Um,I forgot." he looks like he did.
    "Odd."I say.
    "Julia.. I want you to come with me to my house,tonight. Only for tonight. I want to show you something. Something that i'm afraid of." He gulps down hard. And his voice cracked.
    "Ian,Lets go now. I'm freaking out in this resturant. Please. Show me what you wanted to show me." I say,My eyes fearful.
    "if you say so." He rolls his eyes and we told the waitress to forget about our table. and we left.
    "Julia.. Its not my house I want to show you.." His voice is hoarse.
    "What is it then?" I say.. very scared.
    "Its this old chruch. I went to it a couple of times. And,I'm scared of that place. there is something in there.. that makes me puke everytime i see it. I want to show you it."
    Ian says this in a very wary voice.
    "A-all right. Lets go" I say very scared,now.
    "We are here.." He says 10 minutes later.
    "Wow,That was quick" I say in a whisper-ish voice. He smiles..
    "Are you ready?" He says. i nod and he opens my door quickly. I took his hand.. and he took mine. We walked to the creepy chruch.. Slowly. He sallows hard,and so DO I. Ian opens the door.. And i close my eyes. There was a bright light inside of the room. It was very cold. The light was red. And,creepy. I tried very hard to keep my self under controlled. And,He takes me into this DARK.. Very dark room... I started looking around.. And he stood close by me. There was a window down in the room. I looked through it.. And.. There was something there! Looking at me!