• Alliance bace:0300 hours.

    "Train we have to get ready!" Cyrus called out walking down a long strech of hallway. Cyrus was the leader of the Alliance but handed down the job to his son, Train. Cyrus and Train looked a little alike. Train was a tall, handsome, and reckless adult.

    "I'm coming. I'm sure that shadow is taking as long as me." Train called back jumping down from his favorite place on the roof.

    "Shadow is almost ready. When you are ready get Sarah. The whole army is out there and no one wants to miss it." Cyrus sighed a half calm and half annoyed sigh. He walked to Shadow's room where he found her scurrying reclessly trying to find the right jewelry that mach her long sparkling white dress.

    "OHHH! I'm so nurvus." She mumbled to herself still looking for her favorite white scarf. "Where did I put it! If I don't have if I'm sure that I will fall or trip or I might say 'I do' at the wrong time. AH! WHERE IS MY LUCKY SCARF!!" She looked under her bed, in her dresser, and even in her durt close hamper. Cyrus watched her holding back a smile. She oviesly didn't knowtist him standing there other wise she would do the same ruteen. Giving a big nurves smile.

    "Looking for something." He finaly said holding up a short batterd scarf with red writing on it. She got up too soon and bumped her head on the small table near the chair in her room. Cyrus laughed a little handing her the scarf. "You might want to check your coat next time."

    "Ehe. I new I put it there I-I just wanted to make sure it wasn't in here." She laughed nurvesly as she tied it around her hips lightly.

    "Come on. Train is ready and the guests are getting hungry." He tucked Shadows small arm under his as they walked to the frunt of the buildings.

    Outside in the couryard:

    "This truly is a historical moment. Today the young couple, The beautiful Sakura S. Hunter a demonic assasin turn good and the handsome hyper Train heartnet, general of the alliance. Both enamies at first but fell in love durring the great war not to long ago. And with all love there came a new addition to the couple. Young Sarah heartnet. But Right now all I can say is good luck you to threw your ups and downs in marrage." A news reporter said standing just outside of the wedding area.

    "Ma'am you will have to go now. You are making the bride nurves." A young officer name Naps said pushing them gently away.

    "Wait can I get a shot of the brides dress? Or a shot when the bride walks down the lane?" The reporter keeped trying to get past Naps.

    "When the saramony is done then you can ask as many questions as you like. but for now please move out of the way." When Naps finaly got the reporters out of the court yard is when Shadow and Cyrus started walking down the lane. Slowly they aproched train behind Sarah. Sarah had a small light pink dress and a basket of flowers. She threw them high in the air as she walked. When Shadow got to the front is when the prest began the saramony.

    Hidden base deep in the forest:

    "Looks like the young Train heartnet finaly found a wife." A dark figure smirked as he watched a small TV. "It would be a shame if his wife died right there at the wedding." He fliped to a diffrent to get a closer veiw of shadow. "Unkown." A shorter man appeared behind the shadow. Short black hair covered one of his dark red eyes. A black trench coat coved his whole body.

    "You called me master?" Unknown said in a light hiss.

    "Yes. Can you make sure that Trains new wife dies right after she says 'I do'"

    "I will make sure that happens." Unknown disappeard in a dark cloud of dust.

    Wedding saramony: 0310 hours

    The prest was about to the 'I do' part as a dark figured appeared on top of a building. No one knowtist.

    "One shot is all it will take" Unknown said linning up the shot. He smirked has he had it aming right for my heart.

    "Train heartnet do you take Sakura S. Hunter to be your wife?" The prest said smiling down at the two of us.

    "I do." Train replied and slip the ring on Sakura's finger.

    "And Sakura, do you take Train heartnet to by your husband?"

    "I D-" Right at that moment a gun shot sounded near by. Shadow turned and was hit right in the heart with a small yet powerfull 50cal bullet. The crowd stude up quikly seeing Shadow fall slowly to the ground.

    "SHADOW!" Train lifted her head slitly. Blood was driping slowly out of her mouth. "No Shadow please don't die!"

    " I need an R,A Unit up here now! Sakura has been shot! I repet Sakura has been shot!" One of the cops in the crowd shouted in a black walky talky.

    "Shadow hang in there." Train tried to confert her as she slowly blacked out......

    To Be continued.