• Well this is a story of a girl (person#1) with a ponny (not me ninja ) she was looking for a inari's wolf.
    One day she send a message to a girl (person#2) awaiting for no respond, after several minutes she receive a message, a curious one...
    it was from the girl (person#2)

    person#2: no way ur bid is to low ill never sell u my wolf for that price!

    The sad girl (person#1) started to cry and as her last resort she offer what she most liked in her life, her trusty friend...

    person #1:ill give u my ponny, plzzz is everything i have, take good care of it...
    *talks to ponny* saphire, ur going to be in good hands with this wonderfull person, i hope u enjoy ur new life, be a nice ponny and do everything they tell u to do
    *hugs ponny and stars to cry* go now, ur not my ponny no longer! crying

    Amazingly, the other girl (person#2) saw that the little girl (person#1) was even sacrificing her ponny just to get what she wanted.
    She deserved the chance to own the inari's wolf, and thats when she oppened her heart and make the little girl a proposition:

    person#2: ill give u the inari's wolf, but u would have to give me 100,000g

    The little girl was a poor one, she couldn' t affort that amount of gold, but suddenly, the girl (person#2) make another proposition:

    person#2: ill make u a better proposition, ull pay me 20k every week, until u sold out what u own me...

    The little girl accepted the offer, she was very happy about the deal but she realized that she couldn' t even afford 20k a week, she started working in everything but the first week is coming in about 3 days and she doesn't even have the half of the money...

    Would u help this little girl and her ponnny to sold out their dept?
    please, we need ur help!