• It all started in a simple chat. Then we talk, it goes well. I happened to be impressed. You’re sweet, and the rest was history. Before I saw it I started falling. I had it as a joke.
    I tease, I fall. Sorry I took it for real. Can you save me? Seriously I’ve asked. ‘Do I have part in your heart?’ I melted down when you said yes. Then I told myself to wait. One time I got fed up with pain, it went to confrontation. You said I only am a brother. Your words shattered my little heart. Your picture burned inside. I’ve tried so hard to forget you. I’ve tried to use that pain to go on. I taught my heart not to love you but I fail. All of a sudden I came back again, back to square one. Pretending nothing happened, preventing my heart to beat, I became afraid to fall. Will I feel the pain again?

    Can you blame me if I get jealous sometimes? With your friend, girl is acceptable but it was a boy. Then here are my crap again, confront, face the reality then hold the pain. I do accept it, why? Cause loving does not own. I heard it again, it was beating. ‘’fight for her’’ I panic when I heard it. I think I’m falling again but this time it goes deeper. I forced you to open up; I care as a friend; I don’t know why you cried at night; I want to know who really are you? Lot of things happened, our skies turned from rain to shine.

    But this time, if I ask you again will you say yes? This will be the last time though. This time if I fail, I’ll set a limit. Your superman will just be a man. After this what ever will happen, I will deal with it. I don’t know why but I can’t let you go. Because if I can? We must not be talking right now. So is it a yes or a no? Have you ever loved me? do you love? And, Will you now love me? it will be a battle, i hope you can fight too.