• ------------------------------------part 7-----------------------------------------
    kioki:*staring at the ground* i..i just dont know what to think anymore!
    kiki:*kissing kioki on the cheek*its ok i just thought momo would be happy for us.
    kioki:well, i thought so to butt i guess we thought wrong..
    kiki:*frowns and looks at the floor*dont beat yourself up over this hun.
    kioki:*looks at kiki*hun? *blushes*thanks i feel better.
    kiki:*looks up at kioki* your varu welcome.
    kioki:*kisses kiki*god i love you
    kiki*looks into kioki's eyes*i love you to.
    momo:*throws another stone*well better go sort this out i guess....
    momo:*hears them kissing inside*YUCK im glad i didnt wait for eternal love..
    kiki:*looks out window*maby we should go get him...
    kioki:*frowns*no..let him think
    momo:*sighs*well here i go...*opens door*
    kiki:*looks at momo*well...
    kioki:*gives momo a hard stare*well momo...
    momo*swallows his pride*im sorry kiki i should care more...
    kioki:*furious*momo that was NOT a proper apollogy!
    momo:*looks at the floor*im sorry you guys i should be nicer.
    kiki:*looks at kioki*i dont know whats wrong with him...
    kioki:its just that we have to fight keligha.
    kiki:*looks at kioki*who is keligha??
    kioki:*looks at the floor*i shouldn't have said that
    kiki:*stares at kioki*tell me.....
    kioki:*looks up at kiki*well shes a villan and she WAS momo's love.
    kiki:butt she was a villan so he...
    kioki:*nods*he couldnt be bad and she couldnt be good.
    kiki:*looks at the floor*well if he loved her why didnt he become bad.
    kioki:*looks up then at kiki*when ur in love u shouldnt haveto change who you are...
    kiki:*blushes*i knew that butt hes so....
    kioki*finishes sentance*lonley? better lonley then evil then i would have to fight him...
    kiki:*laughs*would you kick his butt?
    kioki:*smiles*i would kill him
    kiki:*looks down*butt he would still be my brother...
    kioki:yes i know that and if he hurt lets just say he wouldnt..
    momo:*walks into room with an apple in his hand*hey guys no...
    momo:*drops apple*oh i see well ill just be leaving...
    momo:GEESH a guy dosent have any good friends anymore!
    momo:*kicks a stone*well i should go patroll
    *momo transforms and flys into the night*
    kioki:*looks up into the sky*well hes gone
    kiki:for what?
    kioki:*kisses kiki on the cheek*hes going on patroll for keligha
    kiki:*nods*what if he gets hurt?
    kioki:*laughs*well hes a vampire he wont get hurt!
    kiki:*nods then smiles uneasy*your right i shouldnt worry!
    kioki:*kisses kiki for a long beat*i kow you shouldnt my love
    the enddddd haha cliff hanger again the next one will be comeing soon