• Ok so i've known my BFF jordan for 4 years, and i went to my dad's house and i found out it was her cousin's b-day, so i wanted to go cause i know a couple things about her family....
    1. You get all these freaking kids together and something funny yet bad is sure to happen.
    2. They got a pool! and yes we did swim in it although it is winter.... lol
    3. They got a beer machine and a bar (thats where the party was)
    4. No beer for us but we got.......soda lol

    ok so i was leaving with Jordan and our other friend Faith, when we got there we walked to the bar and then a dog attacked us eek and it....it....it.....was her Gmal's dog honey (a chihuahua) rofl
    We looked on the bar, there it was, a cake lol, a chocolate cake that said korn, but the cake was the letters. Derek *robert's BFF* turnt on some heavy metal and we started head banging and robert's head flew into the cake and then i triped over some metal and it hurt like hell, i still got the cut crying ok and ummm......i found out my dad gotz a gf and on the ride home *4hours* i had to ride with her, my dad, my uncle, and my cousin, packed car, we barely made it lol

    just wanted to type that

    PS- i got GH on tour and the poison CD *the best of Poison*