• I’m on a deserted island. All alone. With no one to talk to, to ask about something. Every day it is the same. Everywhere I look, I see water. Nothing but the blue sea. The only thing I can do is wait. Sit down on the sand and wait for a miracle. A ship or maybe a boat to pass by and hopefully save me.
    Everyone loves exotic places, basking on the sun, eating coco, bananas and other fruits. As for me, I’ve had enough of it. I got burned because of the sun, my skin is covered with salt and I want to eat some meat or vegetables, not only fruits.
    I long to go home. I want to leave this place. Peace and quiet is good and healthy, but with company is much better. If only there was a ship or even a boat. If only I wasn’t alone. If only the sun wasn’t so hot and burning. If only... I could go home.