• Deep in thought
    A Girl sits
    A Girl that has had it
    Had it with life
    Had it with love
    Atleast thats what she thinks currently
    She thinks too much , she won't live life the way she says she does
    She tells people to live life to its fullest and take it a day at a time.
    She gives other advice form her mistakes.
    She wears bright colors and looks sad
    She draws pictures with lines and doodles
    But what makes her who she is today, is it the meds or is it just her maturing
    She may never know
    Is she who the medcine makes her or is she being herself.
    Doctors try to solve things with medcine, childs too happy give her some of this
    Ever think she might just need someone to talk to, someone to lean on
    I don't think she needs the meds
    Who is this girl who sits and types is her name Courtney Or Wellbutrin XL
    Or Trileptal , Who is she, why is she so lost...