• I sat outside waiting for my special someone to pull up in his car, honk the horn, and call me by my name to get in and drive off into the sunset. It has been such a long time since I’ve seen Tyler and now I can barely remember what he looked like or how long we have been together. Sure I have pictures, who wouldn’t, but using pictures felt like I was cheating, more along the lines of using visual aids to remember someone that you thought you loved. So every Friday night I sit outside for 2 hours waiting for Tyler to show up, and while waiting I think of all the times we ever had together, that way I would never forget him.
    It seems like only yesterday we were together at the movies, or some type of crazy party. I only wish it was true that he never left. I remember how sad I was, but I can only imagine how hard it was for Tyler to sit there and watch my reaction after he told me he was leaving. I ran from him; which I have to say was a giant mistake, but to my surprise he ran after me. He pulled me into his arms and started to sooth me and tell me everything was alright, but I kept thinking to myself “how could everything be alright when your leaving, how can you say there is nothing to worry about when I don’t have you by my side to protect me” and that is when realization hit me that I would never love anyone again.
    Love is a powerful force that can not be messed with. It influences a person so much that it can alter there very being for the person they love, and it just so happens that, that reaction happened between me and Tyler. You should’ve seen us before we were together, alone, quiet, didn’t really do anything, or have many friends. After we started to realize that we were never alone Tyler started to notice me just as I noticed him. He didn’t really use many syllables when talking, it was the basic “hi” or “you look very nice today”. But the one day he started to talk more is the day I started to realize that I might just love Tyler.
    I remember the exact day he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was home, doing my homework and studying for the SATs when out of nowhere I hear a light tapping at the front door. I was puzzled to who it could’ve been, so when I opened the door and saw Tyler I was in Shock. He asked if I could go on a quick stroll through the park with him, and before I had time to think it over he grabbed my hand and to the park we walked. At first it was just the basic every day conversations as to how homework was coming, and what have you been doing, and all that other kind of nonsense. After a little while he got quiet though, I don’t know why, maybe he was lost for words or tongue tied, either way I was worried. I asked if he was ok and that is when he started to speak.
    Tyler told me that ever since the day he saw me he couldn’t get me out of his head. He told me I was the first thought he had when he wakes up in the morning, and the First person he dreams about when he falls asleep. I can’t imagine how he had such strong feelings for me when he hasn’t even known me all my life, but at the same time my heart was pounding, and I remembered how I felt about him. How I feel, I can’t exactly explain, it’s sort of an out of body experience and I told him that. You should have seen his eyes light up. He looked so happy and peaceful after I told him how I felt, and I was pleased that I made him happy, because that’s all I want for him, to be happy, not to be alone.
    So we started to go out as boyfriend and girlfriend which people were shocked to see. They always pictured us as the perfect couple only because we are similar in many ways but I won’t go into details right this second. We went to movies and parties and out to dinner once or twice. Of course he paid the bills because that was the gentlemen thing to do. We had those silly one month anniversaries of how long we have been together but I thought them to be unnecessary. He only really wanted to have the little anniversaries for an excuse to give me presents. One day I said to him “Tyler these anniversaries are stupid”, he was hurt by what I said, I could tell, so then I said “listen it’s not like that, I love you and you don’t need to give me gifts to hold that love. You already have my heart and I’m positive that you’ll always have it.”
    He was shocked by what I said. He had no idea that I could hold so much love and compassion in me, but he finally realized that I could have these emotions and feelings. So after that day he stopped all the presents except for the real holidays. After a couple months we had our first kiss. It was so magical I couldn’t even describe it even if I tried, but I could pick out a couple words to emphasize how it felt for me: magical, glorious, heavenly, everything I ever wanted or dreamed of from one kiss. I was scared to love him this much. It corrupted me to the point where I broke up with him. That is when he came to my house again and knocked on the door.
    My mom answered for me and he asked if he could speak to me. My mom the nice person she is, got me to come downstairs to talk to him. I pulled him off to the living room couch and sat down with him. It was quiet for some time until Tyler spoke up. He asked “why did you brake up with me, I thought you loved me” I replied to him “I do love you Tyler, but I’m afraid.” He sat there deep in thought trying to think of any possibility of how or why I could be afraid, then he asked “I don’t understand, why are you afraid,” I answered truthfully “for all the obvious reasons Tyler, I never loved anyone as much as I love you, and now your always on my mind and I can’t think straight at all, and I’m afraid I’ll lose myself while loving you.” He took my answer into consideration then looked deep into my eyes and spoke, “just because you love someone so much doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself in the process, it just means you’re evolving, that your emotions for one another are growing and that your love is deepening.”
    I contemplated his answer, and thought it over a lot. He could tell that I was thinking so he sat there quietly for a minute or two to let me collect all that of which he said. Then without warning he stood up, turned to me and held out his hand. Without hesitation I took his hand and he helped me up and kissed me. I was crying by then and he held me in his arms and wiped away my tears and said “I love you.” Since then we were inseparable. We went almost everywhere together and my mom was happy to see me happy again. Tyler and I haven’t been in a fight since for all the evasiveness of stupid or meaningless fights was past us. All we could think about now was how much we loved each other, and how we were never be apart.
    Then that day came, that dreaded day that I will always remember and that will haunt me for the rest of my life. At school Tyler was unusually quiet and when I asked him why he said nothing. He put a note in my locker; god knows when, saying to meet him at the park after school. So after school I went straight to the park to meet him. He wasn’t hard to find, because he went to the exact place where we first got together and pledged our love. He saw me and gestured me to come to him. He hugged me and started to cry. I was confused to why he was crying, I thought maybe I did something wrong, or maybe a family member died, and that’s when he cleared his tears and started to talk. He dropped the bomb at first chance to get it out. “I’m moving” he said and I almost screamed. I asked where, and he told me California. I asked why, and he answered “my dad’s job here in PA isn’t working out the way we planned and he got a great job offer in CA, and he's going to take it. We are leaving at the end of this month. By then I was in tears and I ran. He followed me and when I finally couldn’t run anymore I sat down on the ground, rolled up in a ball, and wept. He was soon beside me, holding me in his arms trying to comfort me. I spoke up between the sobs and said “how can you leave me like this, I love you, and I can’t stand for you to ever leave me.” He replied “I love you to, more then you can ever imagine, and it pains me so much to tell you I’m leaving. I tried to tell my dad no but he is a hard sell. If I knew any other way I would do it in a heart beat.”
    I sat there trying to think of why God would do this to me. How could he make Tyler leave me after all these years? That’s when Tyler spoke up “Juliet I’m sorry that I’m leaving, I truly am sorry, and I promise one day I’ll come back for you. Wait until I finish high school and college and get a job, and then I’ll come back to get you, by any means necessary. I took what he said into consideration, it looked as if I had no other choice so I said ok. Tyler helped me up off the dirt ground and hugged me for what seemed to be hours, and then he walked me home. For the rest of the month that we had together we spent every second with each other. Not one minute passed by that we weren’t side by side.
    Then the day came. My mom drove me to the airport and let me out, telling me she would be here waiting for me. I walked into the terminal looking for the correct gate where Tyler’s flight would be taking off. There I saw him looking straight at me, I was trying to fight tears but they brewed over and Tyler could see that even from the distance. He held his arms open and I willingly walked into them. I told him that I loved him and I trust him to keep his promise. He said he would then we kissed our last kiss and he boarded his flight and left. I silently walked to the parking lot got into my mom’s car and drove home. Once home I went to my room and cried myself to sleep. I went to school and did my usual daily routine, but there was always a hole there keeping me from being truly happy.
    I got letters from Tyler, and he was telling me about how much he missed me and that he still is planning on keeping his promise. I believe him and everything that he says. I can only wish that the world would speed up so I can sooner touch him again and kiss him like I use to. Suddenly my mom came outside and called me in for dinner. I didn’t realize how much time had passed as I sat outside like I do every Friday to think about how Tyler and me use to be and what I wish we could be. Yes I miss Tyler deeply and I think about him every day and every night. He is the first thought that enters my mind every day of my existence. That’s only natural for true love just like Tyler said. So I stood up and started to walk inside for supper, but I quickly turned around and looked up at the stars and to my amazement I saw a shooting star. I closed my eyes and I wished that Tyler would show up on my door step that night.
    Then I walked inside ate supper and went to bed. Late that night a gentle tapping came from my window like someone or something was tapping on it. I walked over and pulled back my curtains to see a tree was just brushing against my window. I thought it would be Tyler and I was wishing that it was but I hold on to his promise that he will come back for me, and I’ll hold him to that. So I walk back over to my bed and lay down, and go to sleep, where I see me and Tyler are together once again in a place where we can never be separated, which right now is in my dreams.