some of this is done on radio transmission

    ping:colonal were at the iron curtain no one spotted us yet we're at the boarder

    colonal: dont go in yet wait until guard 1 is looking at the left. Wait don't

    to late ping already tried getting through with his squadrant. They were caught and helpless. There is no way this is going to be left unmarked.

    colonal:The US knows nothing about this this is from strictly CIA funds. If the US learns they might have to go to war against the axis powers.

    ping didn't answer they were already sentenced



    Ping was already sentenced his squad were to survive in the crevice in Auschwitz. The worst concentration camp that Hitler has ever made.
    The crevice was an underground maze that Hitler set up in his camps.
    ping tried to convince Hitler they were from Russia. Hitler didn't believe them.

    Theyre in the crevice.

    Hitler: hope you have a nice trip

    ping:all of my men search for some flint we're coming out of here alive