• "Joyce ur new seat is going 2 b next 2 Ricardo" thats wat my teacher said n here is where it all began i was 2 shy 2 talk 2 this guy name ricardo he was tall n really cute n he was a junior when i was barely a freshman,He was the one that started talking 2 me 1st we flirted and we missed around with eachother n it was really great.4rm all my classes that was the best one i ever had. Time had passes by n i started 2 develop feelings for him but i know us was never meant 2 b so i stayed quite just bieng me the one who usually is the innocent type of girl. Then the next day I saw him with a girl name nicole she who sat right in front of us was now his gilfriend it was a nightmare watching them kiss and makeout right in front of me but i just ignored them n was just going through with it. I would always get in trouble becuz of him the good girl was gng bad.. one sunny and wonderful day i decided 2 wear a skirt and ricardo n his friend were flirting with me big time. Michael who was ricardo's friend was amazed by my skirt that he threw his pencil next 2 my legs.
    "oops" he said as he went to pick it up. "oh my god fool, thats the oldest trick in the book u do it like this" said ricardo he then immediately went n sat right on top of my legs he then started rubing his finger into my legs he saw that it was uncomfortable for me so he stopped n said u look bomb.. i couldnt say anything i was dead silent and blushed big time.
    My teacher then moved him and the two girls who sat right in front of us including his girl but then i suddenly realized that him n his girl wherent going out anymore i told him " so how is it going with u and nicole u guys still kissing maybe even more how come u guyz aint talking anymore?" he then replied " haha yeah we did alot of crazy s**t if u know wat i mean?? oh but yeah me n her nothing other than friends!" he just glared at her n put his head down i then said." what y u guys looked great together" he said, " for realz well i cant trust her!" i then said, " then y u get with her?" he said " cuz she really hot and cool 2 kick it with!" i then just thought 2 myself nicole was short with big boobs n skiny she wore sexy clothes n u could tell that she also wored thongs this girl was every guyz dream me im just ur average girl not ugly but not sexy either im sorta tall so so chest and so so bottom (lol) after i thought that then i replied " well yeah shes really cute and shes also cool 2 be with but if u know u cant trust her then u shouldnt be with someone who might hurt u" he just stared at me and replie "yeah i know but temptation got over me" i started cracking up and then he left where he nows seats way way across the room i was in my seat n then he cam n hugged me from the back n he said i miss u its so lonely over there i was like i miss u 2 its sorta boring over here but c this all happen cuz u talked alot he then laughed n sat on the seat next 2 mine i then got up 2 turn in some papers that i finished and started talking 2 one of my friends who i didnt talk much 2 i then started staring at him n i suddenly saw him grabbing my backpack n everything in there i then ran 2 him n started chasing him all over the room i told my teacher that he got my stuff the teacher then said "give her, her backpack back!" he then just threw my backpack n kept some letters mrs. oliver who is my teacher just stared at him with a mean look n ricardo said "ay mrs.oliver u just said 2 give her her backpack remember" i was like "s**t!!!" the letters said everything of how i felt for him everything absolutely everything i couldnt let him read those letters so i kept n kept going after him then he stopped and put them inside his pants he knows i wouldnt get them since they where there so i just said "******** this his gonna read them either way so whatever" our class was watching a movie i think it was finding nemo i cant remember he was sitting all the way in the back and i could hear how slowly he opened the letters it was so embarrasing i couldnt stay still i kept shaking my hand kept moving and my legs 2 i just wanted 2 go home before he got 2 opened the letters but it didnt work i then herd him say "WAT!!!!" and he just keeped reading the letter then when he was finished he called out 2 me " joyce come here plz!!" i just ignored him n said wateva he then kept n kept calling me "ay joyce i need 2 talk 2 u plz come here" then i just went 2 get this over with he then started talking " so who is this ricardo" i was like "oh this guy who is sitting right next to me and besides u already know so why do i need 2 explain it 2 u" he then smiled and had a smirk in his face he kept opening the rest of my letters cuz i had like 5 of them from my friends so i was so nervous then the bell ringed he was last cuz he had 2 get his stuff he then walked out the door almost at the same time i did i said 2 him bye ricardo but with a face that wanted 2 cry he then said bye but went after me he said come here i went and he just hugged me and told me dont be scared nothing is gonna happen okay just dnt be scared i was like wat im not scared when clearly i was........TO BE CONTINUED IF U LIKE IT ILL FINISH THE REST