• Kisame: Why Are you eating a mr. freeze?
    Me: i like them
    Itachi: give it too me or feel the wrath of the
    Me: Here! *hands Itachi Mr. Freeze*
    Itachi: ^/ ^
    Me : *sad*
    Sasuke: there you are Itachi!
    Itachi: foolish little brother! you can not defeat me when i am eating a freeze!
    Sasuke: thats what you think!
    Itachi: *throws freeze on the ground* ha ha! i'm stronger than you!
    Me: T.T my mr. freeze...
    Sasuke: Lighting Ball!! -wha!?
    Itachi: * grabs Sasuke and throws him off a cliff*
    Saskue: Ahhhh! *falls*
    Naruto: look! A meteorite!
    Sasuke: i'm not a rock! i'm Sasuke!
    Naruto: the rock spoke too me...
    sasuke: >0< *falls into a river and drowns*
    Itachi: muwahahaha!
    Me: your a meanie Itachi!
    Itachi: ...-! my freeze!
    Me Kisame & Itachi: *we have a funeral for Mr. Freeze*
    The End