• Entry One:Trainers/Tamers and Dogs.

    After minutes of chasing people,running,and some other stuff,I saw Robert surround by most of the girls in our class.I rushed over to them.

    "Ok what are you guys doing?"I asked.

    "Were giving people piggy back rides from him"Mari said while pointing to robert.Mari was one of my friends from school.All I can remember there was Jenny,Nazaret(I guess),and mari.I forgot the rest.I hate my memory.

    "HEY PEOPLE!GET A PIGGY BACK RIDE!"Jenny annouced.Now before I stood there,I saw Ceaser(I FORGOT HOW TO SPELL THE NAME I hate me) talking to them.Then I heared Jenny said something about 20 dollars.

    Then Alex came up went on robert and we started laughing.

    "It looks so wrong yet so funny!"Mari laughed.Then cheetos or doritos came up.Well if you ask why he's named that last year on 3rd grade Jenny and I think Easter(Esther) gave out nick names.I'm called apple.Yup Apple Juice for the full name.

    When he said that if I could catch him he can be a new doggy.But I didn't caught him.Ok to make this story more funnier and a little fake,I did caught him.No I didn't although,this part is fake:I yelled,"FINE!LET THE COPS GET YOU!"Then I froze and yelled,"NO I MEAN THE DOG CATCHERS!"Well the rest are real.

    I guess oh well...bad memory folks it gets to ya.Ok By that I mean that more and more time you keep forgetting stuff more every day.Don't over react.Like when they though the Jonas brothers were comming.Ok like I said Don't over react it happens to all of us!Ok Moving on.

    When I got back to the dog traing or dog pound(the other side) I saw Michle(Dang another named missed including cheetos or doritos) or they named him Blondy.They told me so yeah.Then blondy got loose we didn't care.

    Then I suggested that to get a jump rope for a collar.But they tied it up on the waist instead on their neck 'cause it might choke them.But before that,mari tossed Roberts er I mean oreo's shoe on the ground robert went to it.I thought he might grab it by his mouth but he snachted he by his hand.

    After that we god a new dog called um well they didn't name him but his REAL name was Johnathan.So after I rested a bit they got the jump rope from their uh collar eh?But yeah again,before that I laughed so hard when well I forgot.But it was HALARIOUS!

    They tried to jump like a dog.But failed.They were at the ground.No they didn't hurt them selfs.Well the rope was short so don't blame em.Blame the rope.Nazaret and Mari held the rope while the two TRIED to jump.Then Andrea tried to but failed.And I didn't got a chance.No.It was time to go.I hate time.

    Johnathan,Robert(oreo),And Michle(Blondy) were the dogs.Cheetos or Doritos was an attempt dog.That means I alomst made him a dog.