• Cake
    Cake is one of the most delicious culinary delights since the beginning of time itself. This snack is very tasty when made the right way. Ladies and gentlemen of all ages love this scrumptious food. Come close to hear my tale from when I was a youngster. The tale of the most perfect cake.
    If I remember correctly, it was December 18, 1880, and about four o’ clock in the morning in England. It was a cold English morning and I was very hungry for something that would tickle my taste buds. I was a food critic, so I knew how and why food tastes like it does, and I knew all the restaurants in town. I was on a quest to find the best restaurant in England, and I was determined to find it, even if I had to search every little city in England.
    After about an hour of wandering around, I came to a small, quaint, little bakery that I had never seen before. I had seen and been to all of the high quality restaurants, of course, so this bakery couldn’t be that good. Maybe it had just opened up. Curiously, I walked down towards the bakery as leaves rustled at my feet and cold wind blew into my trench coat. I opened the door and a warm smile of a young lady about my age greeted me. I hung my hat and coat on the coat rack, and sat down at one of the few tables.
    The girl, sporting long blond hair and a brown apron, came to me asking what I wanted. I told her that I would very much like the best food she had in her bakery. She left to get the mysterious food. I waited, and she came back in a few minutes. I front of me she lay down a finely decorated slice of cake on a small white saucer. Now, as you would imagine, I was very curious. Would the cake be nasty, rotten, and stink? Or would it be like a rainbow unicorn land floating in my mouth?
    I cautiously took a bite, and it was the tastiest thing I had ever eaten. In my mouth it was so delicious, moist, and soft. I slowly ate it, savoring every little scrumcious bite. I had never tasted anything like it before. This was a phenomenon! I had to go and tell my friends. Oh, I wanted more, but I didn’t want to look greedy. So I paid the fine lass and headed home knowing that I would go there the next day, after I caught some rest.
    The next morning, about the same time, I was headed to the bakery. I went to the street I was at yesterday, but in the bakery’s place was an empty lot. I searched all over England, asking everybody if they had seen the bakery. Maybe it was a dream. I took out a handkerchief from my pocket. It had cake crumbs on it! It was real! I Spent all of my money, to go on a luxurious cruise and search all of the major cities in the world. I searched until the day I had died, but I never found the mysterious bakery again.
    Cake is the voice in your mouth that tells you to eat. It is the deliciousness that is the meaning for living! The cake I ate, oh, I wish I had told somebody about it. You don’t know how good something really is until it’s gone.