• Chapter 0

    We live in a world where people must have something to cling on in order to live, my story isn’t that different, I’m no more than a 16 year old who still hasn’t made up his mind on what to became, does it matter? Is it important to have goals in life? Who am I to say no, all this time my life has been a misadventure after another, I’m not one of those in a happy family, I’m not mister popular, I’m simply that person that we all at some point in our life made fun off, but I still carry on, only driven by my will power to carry on, head risen up to face the world. I can’t say my life has been all that bad, I do have friends who support me, friends who have always been there for me since I meet them, I’m not one to have friends but these I can I call “True”.

    “See? Was it that hard to do? You can be such a big pain you know”. Beatrix, my soul sister, was sitting right next to me with a pretty angry expression on her face, her glasses, small and cute covered little of her face but still enough to make her see better. A few flocks of her blond almost golden hairs seemed to pass over her eyes, rebelling against her well groomed hair.
    “I just didn’t want to do any written report you know that, I wasn’t being really a pain, you’re the one forcing me to write”. I wasn’t necessarily happy about writing a report for English class but I had to admit those were exactly my feelings.
    “So…” She spaced, her expression changed from a big frown to a blank almost questioning face. Her frequent move to tap her glasses wasn’t the most subtle but I knew she wanted a question answered.
    “Want to know what my true feelings are? Is that it?” I looked at her with a blazing smile; I’ve always enjoyed teasing her. Every time I did her face would become red and she would start to look away from me.
    With a big noise coming from behind us she got up and stared at the origin of the noise: Heat. While sleeping in his chair he had fallen from it backwards, making his 75 kg(need confirmation) body of full grown muscles slam right into the classroom floor. His red hair, medium in length now covered his face.
    “Good morning buddy, so how was your routine nap?” He regained consciousness soon after my usual greeting and replied back with a rub of his head, grooming his hair at the same time, and the usual perky smile.
    “Neither good nor bad, of course Sera could have prevented my fall” He glanced at her with a devilish smile to which she sighed and simply raised her hands.
    “If I had, would you have learned not to sleep in class?” Her expression was light and simple just like her personality, and her black hair dropped has she removed the band that was holding it, revealing the long luscious pure black hair of hers that was the natural contrast to her blue eyes.
    Has if in response to her quick remark he looked away scratching his neck.
    “I would and I wouldn’t” He released a small laughter “You know how I am, I never change” Which was In fact true, in my whole life I had never seen Heat change the way he his, sure he had matured has any other boy would, we were all 16 after all, but his actions remained with the same pure innocence in them.
    We all laughed a bit from that little moment together, to which I remembered to ask them about their essays.
    ”So what topic did you choose for your free essay?” I asked honestly thinking that they had something at least remotely more joyful than mine.

    Sera was the first to answer. “I wrote about the flowers in my garden, you know the little rainbow corner my mom created for me” I remembered that place, always full of life and fragrance; I had helped build that place which would always remain dear to me.
    Beatrix followed. “Same old life of mine and how we always help my dad after class in the Ice cream parlor.” I had almost forgotten that, it was funny how we always went there after class and I’d always forget where we were heading, still my body would always take me there instantaneously.
    “Our hangout spot near the river.” The mentioning of that spot piqued the interest in all of us, we all looked at Heat with a smile. However somebody had to intervene.
    “You know you’re not supposed to talk about it right? What’s the point of IT being secret if you go ahead and write a damn essay about it?” I faced him with a bickering smile in my face, it was just like the good old days were we would just argue about everything we did.
    However no answer came, we simply sat still with a little smile on our faces.
    Classes started and through the day we had our little misadventures, just like any other day, but as the day progressed we felt anxious, the time was almost there, were we would usually leave class and or little lives would start.
    The school bell tooled, it was 5 p.m. and as usual the school patio was full of people, the hallways, bland yet filled with lockers, were almost empty as I passed through them, few people still lingered there, everyone else was rushing to the gate, however I simply strolled. I had no particular reason to do so, however, I wasn’t in a hurry as well. Sera, Heat and Beatrix would be waiting for me in our hangout spot.
    The trip to the park near the river was pretty quick, a quick few turn, a few meters of pure frontwards walk and I was pretty much in the center of it. The hangout spot however was located near the beach of the river. I could hear the waves from there, from the old abandoned building, it wasn’t decomposed, it was simple. The walls were made of pure cement; the whole house was a block of it. The paint of the outer walls was decaying, very few bits of paint still remained, only little bits of white were visible from in the grey shades that was the house. The door however was beautiful, we had found the door a few years back and restored it so we could use it in the house, it was made from pure simple wood, it was ornamented so well that it made circles and flower carved in it, and the knob, a pure metallic white, that only seemed to improve the beauty of the door.
    The sky that day was peaceful, no clouds were blocking the sun, and the wind, mixed with the rivers scent only made the upcoming night seem more desirable. The rustle of the trees was calming, almost soothing and as I pulled the knob the familiar laugher came rushing to me and I instantly felt at home.
    The inside of the house was the total opposite of the outside, bright colors filled the room, decorated to the personal tastes of each of us we all had our little corners in that room, at the center it turned into a pure rainbow. All the colors filled the center of the room in harmony.
    “You sure took your sweet time to get here.” Heats familiar grin was the first thing I saw as I entered the house.
    I smiled and remembered why I took my time. “If I don’t remember to bring the Ice creams will you?” we all laughed as I took the ice cream off of my backpack.
    “I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t:” Sera smiled at me still laughing.
    “Aw come on guys don’t be so harsh on him, where would we be if he didn’t remember us to come here every day.” Beatrix did have a point he’d always drag us here on our darkest moments to cheer us up.
    “True, true” He laughed with his usual good mood “You guys would be hopeless without me” we all laughed with that quick reply of his.
    As night started to roll in, we the conversations began dissipating and soon after we all felt the need to go home. “well I should be going, dad is probably closing shop” Beatrix lifted herself from the red couch that sat perfectly in the middle of the room, sera which was sitting right next to her got up as well, dusting her clothes with her hands and smiling at me “ Yeah and I should go too, you all know how my dad is when I don’t get home at time” I smiled, got up from my usual corner, a furry grey rug was beneath me, and next to it was my own little collection of cd’s, and my grand piano. “If you want I’ll do the cleaning this time Heat” it wasn’t that I didn’t want to go home but something inside me just didn’t want to return to the empty I house I called home.
    “Are you sure? I could cook something up for you” I grinned as I politely replied to Beatrix’s offer “its ok” I walked up to her and pat her head gently “I’ll go home in a few minutes ok?” all three of them looked worried but with a huge smile I reassured them, they packed their bags and left, smiling with their full heart right before leaving.
    Soon after I found myself alone in or little corner, it wasn’t that it didn’t feel right but after they left, that place was my little curse, it was my own prison of memories.
    You´re about to reach you limit you know?
    I looked around the house to every single dark corner to find some sort of origin to the voice but nothing.
    So you still decided to do it after all.
    I was confused to be honest, was the voice talking to me? And what did it refer to? I tried to remain calm but I had to say something, it wasn’t normal, this situation wasn’t normal. “Who are you? Show yourself now!” I started looking around. Eyes wide open to see if I could find out some sort of movement.
    If I ever show myself to you, that will be the beginning of the end.
    I was more confused with the reaction of my body to the voice than the words itself, it felt… like at home…. All sorts of feelings were driving me that moment, fear, surprise, denial of its words but the one who scared me the most was joy.
    Joy…happiness…the need to smile….
    Those feelings weren’t mine…well at least that’s what I thought…
    And then a sudden urge took over my body…The piano. I needed to play it.
    I was so scared of what happened that I ignored my bodies wishes and simply ran. Ran fast. I tried to avoid any thoughts that came from that voice, yet they soon caught up to me.
    The beginning of the end.
    I shivered, what was the end? What was the beginning in fact? all answers I didn’t have and yet all the answers I needed.
    I soon found myself home, the house itself wasn’t out of the ordinary, much like the street to its, cement colors filled my sight, aside from a few trees all the rest felt pretty much dead… a lot like myself… still it was my house.
    I took the keys from my jeans and opened the lock, as I entered I soon remembered what awaited me.
    An empty house.
    I moved through the hallway to reach the kitchen, opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water, I looked around me as a sipped a bit of it. The house was the same as when I left it in the morning. “dad must not have come home today” the habit of talking aloud in the house was like a ritual, it filled some of the tension of living there, it made the house somehow endurable.
    I immediately took the stairs to my room in the first floor, just like in the hangout spot, a piano centered the room, this one however was electric, nonetheless it was part of a past I had long past forgotten, I touched 3 keys of it at the same time, a signal for Beatrix to know I was home, soon after I heard her window crack wide open, her room had been next to mine for a long while now and we usually talked at the end of the day through the window, 5 meters distanced us from one another.
    The first thing I saw was her smile; it instantly let me at ease. “So? How was the moon today?” the question took me a bit off guard, shed known me better than I thought but it startled me to know that I had been “interrupted” but that voice. I still wondered for a few fractions of seconds if I should tell Beatrix about the voice or not. I decided not to worry her with petty trivialities.
    “You always do know my motives don’t you?” I smiled right back at her, this time making her at ease. “You know I get worried about you since your always so secretive, besides you always stay behind whenever there is a full moon visible in the hangout spot” I laughed a bit, she did know me well. “You know that if you stalk me too much I’m going to have to call the cops right?” we both smiled and laughed hard. “I’m ok Bea, don’t worry, it was a long time ago but it’s over now”