• Fresman year, there was this kid named Evan. Everyone knew he was the smartest kid in the school even though he was a fresman, too. We had Biology 1 Honors together, and I swear he aced every test with a 100% when I was making C's.

    So, it was time for the Genetics test, which the teacher said was the hardest test of the year. Genetics always seemed to come naturally to me, but I was still nervous about the test, and when it was over, I knew I had failed it. So, I come back to class a couple days later, after the tests have been graded, and I go to check my grade on the wall....I about died.

    I got a 100%.

    I almost thought it was a dream for a second, and the teacher really liked to call out all the A's and B's in front of everyone so we could all applaude them. When she said that Evan got a 98%, I almost wanted to yell "Ha! I beat you! HAAA!" and start dancing around because I beat the smartest kid in school, but I didn't....I was just very happy.