• ya! I be pimpin! Halfway through my second semester of my finial year in high school. And somehow I feel there's so much more I should have done.... I've come up with at least 17 different end of the year prank ideas. Usually involving something illegal XD.

    I’ve grown a lot this year I think. I’ve learned that intelligence has no meaning, no matter what you’re teachers say. People make others feel like s**t because they don’t get good grades or because they can’t do something they can. Why? All knowledge the world can provide anybody is capable of learning. It’s not like you’re special just because you can learn it faster. I’ve found that wisdom, experience and understanding to be more valuable then anything school can provide. Lately I’ve been coming across people with huge egos, claiming themselves to be geniuses just because their a** kissing friends say so. WHAT THE ********?!

    The reality is if you have to toot your own horn then you aren’t, sorry. I decided along time ago to lead by example. If you’re smart, great, good for you! Show it in your actions, not your words. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to make mistakes like the rest of us. It doesn’t mean you aren’t insecure like the rest of us. Hell it doesn’t mean you won’t die in an undignified, painful way like the rest of us! We all have abilities, we all have skills, and we all have interests. Just what makes yours more valuable then the next guy? So get you’re head out of your a** and climb off you’re pedestal. We all want something from this world. But the reality is it’s not about what you can get, but what can you can give back. We all take and take and take without regard for those that look for it after us. That’s why we’re all so dissatisfied with our lives now.

    I’m going to share a personal experience of mine. At school when I was a kid I irritated my teachers a lot. I asked questions they didn’t have the answer to. Why they put others above each other. Why the laws of the universe exist the way they do. Why people believe chaos is order. Why did the beach boys would write a song about an island that doesn’t exist!? I’m not sure what set them off but they put me in the retard class.

    The kids there all had learning problems. They claimed I had dyslexia. You know what? There’s a lot more going on in the schools then people know about. We were treated like s**t. All the teachers and students felt they had to talk slow and ignore the obvious problems whilst laughing at us behind our backs. WE AREN’T STUPID! I got sick of it, it wasn’t right. So I started talking back. There was a girl in my class who had problems talking to people, whenever the teacher asked her something and put her on the spot she’d stutter and couldn’t talk legibly. But when one of her fellow students asked her, she was wealth of information! The teacher would ask if she was an idiot or something. This pissed me off. Just because the teacher couldn’t understand the student or because she didn’t respond the way one normally expects does that mean she’s stupid or that you’re more intelligent? Do you have some intimate knowledge of the universe that you can read her mind, emotions and personality? Is she any less complex then you?! So I did something taboo. I questioned the teacher’s authority. I threatened to expose her indecent behavior. She said that this is the way the world works, it isn’t fair and it isn’t kind. I know she was right. The world isn’t fair and it isn’t kind. But does that mean we can’t change it? I continued to question her authority throughout the year. I told her that I was going to prove how wrong it is for people to treat others this way. That they aren’t being kind by ignoring the fact others have issues. Yes, they have learning problems, instead of making the work easier for them like you think they’d be incapable of learning like everyone else, help them learn you lazy ********!

    She recommended me for the retard class when I started high school. I guess even professionals abuse their power huh? When I got there nobody knew me so my record with the teachers was clean. They had me take the placement exam. Guess what? I got 100%! The teacher asked why they would even have me recommended for the class; even the normal grade 8’s don’t get 100%. So I was placed in the normal classes and people treated me normally. Now I get A’s in every class and I’ve got my artwork on display in two of the local museums and the local art’s calendar. yet I feel no pride in it, that wasn't the point. I’ll never forget what I learned in that class. And why it was so important to me to show her what I was truly capable of.

    It was my testament to the world. Everyone is lacking, everyone has flaws. Just as they have gifts and skills to balance them. And most importantly, everyone is ignorant, especially those who believe they are not.