• Why is this happening to me? What did I ever do wrong besides being the best friend and treating her like a queen? I never had a friend like her. I sometimes opened my mouth when I wasn’t supposed to. But in the new year of 09’ I took a vow to keep my mouth sealed. I was there for her, laughed with her learned from her and she changed my life around dramatically and told me to ignore what people say. But the day before it happened me and her talked and we discussed things we had to get off our chests. Someone overheard and told the person that we were talking about. Somehow they thought it was me but they said ok its not you. Then all of a sudden the person she talked about found out and sad it was 2 people.
    I went to the girl and said did I say anything. She said I know it was the first person but you didn’t say anything. She told me what happened all I said was, “Don’t worry about it , you’re not getting kicked out of DECA and she isn’t.” She explained to me how she didn’t like her and I just listened. Then the one that got mad at me said that I was beating around the bush and got really mad at me. I swear to everything I said nothing! It may have come down to me but I haven’t said anything. I vowed myself not to say anything in the year of 09’. She blamed me for something I didn’t do. I was seriously hurt and I wouldn’t do anything like that because I knew how she would react. Im not a backstabber, or fake, or 2-face- ted. The only thing I wanted to do was be there for her, be a sister for her, and treat her like the cute mrs.piggy queen she was. I would follow her jokes when we would be in the shuttle and she wanted to see what this boy did. We laughed, played, she yelled and taught me lesson’s.
    I would never ever do anything like this to you because I wanted her to stay focused. I went to the one who wanted to fight her and I said did I tell you she said no but she was goin to keep her mouth shut and she said she wasn’t sure if the 2nd person told her she was for sure the 1st person did. I said nothing I wonder how I can express it strongly and stress it through your head.
    She said it was 2 people it was the one who was rejected and (?)  (who’s that person. Or was there a person) Im a friend a best friend and I would never say anything like that I feel like I lost a apart of who I was because she was my manual and poetic preacher. She was there and most importantly she was a friend. The best friend! I walked and talked to her mom and I hope she can really believe me IM not beating around the bush. I try to please everyone but they were right I couldn’t I try to bring everyone together. But I can’t I just want to be a family again. And Im writing this because deep-down in my heart I said nothing. Youv’e told me things before about other people and things. I never said nothing what makes you think I would say this? Really I wouldn’t I knew how mad you would get and this week has been the most dramafied week ever. I still hope youu have faith in me to believe me I did not hurt you in any shape, way or form, and I want to say I still love you like a sister and thankyou for all you did for me and teach me lessons of life. Ms. Smith I never know when ill be able to talk to you again but I hope I do. And I miss laughing and joking with you and I hope you believe me and IM not being a suck up and to the best of my abilities I hope you believe me and plz. Don’t leave me hanging off the cliff.
    Ms. Smith I really changed by being around you and you know I alwaysed carried your books and been there for you. Ms. Smith I cant apologize because I did not say anything. But all I can say is Believe me. I would never ever do anything to you I just don’t want our friendship to slip, you’ve made my life better and pleze. Don’t make it worse. Think that’s all I can say I cant make you change your opinion but I can only say If I had proof I would show you, Just believe me (Love You Like A Sister, Dominic Laron Young)