• DEAR CAT, I'm writing you this letter,
    Which I shall send by post;
    So, by-and-by, perhaps you'd better
    Just say if it was lost.
    I've got a nice large sheet of paper
    And, Yello - what'd you think!?-
    Some sealing-wax, a smart red taper,
    And a real pen and ink!
    Dear Cat, how sadly I did cry
    When Dad, I and sis
    Were all obliged to say goodbye
    To you and grandpa
    I saw you on the steps, and Dad
    Was standing at your side
    You watched us till we were quite gone,
    Then, I suppose, you cried!

    Oh! puss, I have been so sad
    These two last rainy days,
    And I kept thinking how we had
    Such dear, delicious plays
    You and I, in the kitchen
    Sneaking into the house
    Not thinking of what could have happened,
    Jumping upon the chairs,
    Scratching my papers,
    Sitting on my lap,
    Running all the way upstairs to my room,
    Until we heard Mom coming home
    Who always sent us back again
    Me at my desk, you outside of the house
    We sat upon one stool,
    Whilst you purred, my cat, I stroked your soft fur,
    Or else I sang.
    I always shook your hand everytime I saw you,
    I taught you that two paws were two,
    And twice two paws were four,
    And tried to make you count your claws, but you
    Would stick them on the floor..

    I had always seen you from the window
    Saw you sleeping, saw you eating, cleaning yourself
    And I always always hoped that one day we could speak
    And so you never got to be
    As wise as you were bid-
    At least I was surprised to see
    One evening what you did-
    The surfaces were there, and I never thought that you would jump on it
    To get a better view of us inside
    Though my Mom despises you till now....,
    Between us, when you, p***y, leapt
    And put your paws on the window,
    You looked so adorable.
    You rubbed your chin against the broom's top,
    And when it falls,
    I said that it was my fault, no one knows the truth till now.
    You thought I would open the door, but no
    I didn't and now I'm regretting
    For all my unboldness and disbraveries,
    If there were such words
    I made it up,
    When I had to told you that,
    I saw the sadness in your eyes wins
    Till one day you had no appetite for food
    I could see it and feel it
    I hoped for you to be back to normal
    But you didn't
    The last days that I saw you
    It was all gloomy, cloudy, under the roof of purplish red skies
    You turned your back against me,
    You didn't come and purr like you always did
    I sensed the danger that you were in.
    But it's too late
    The next sunset, you were declared dead
    I miss you so much,
    They couldn't replace one great cat
    With a handful of ££££,
    They can't buy back my lost cat
    Or buy me a litter of cute pedigree kittens,
    I would still want them but it won't ever be the same anymore.
    "Couldn't care less", I said.
    It was all my fault
    I should've been more bold to rebel against Her
    After all, she didn't know my situation.
    It's over at this moment.

    What chocolate we had for tea that evening,
    What games with green catchy tortoise, and nice socks, and cotton reels;
    But no, puss, it upsets me quite,
    One can't help what one feels.
    I'm crying now, so here I'll end,
    Dear Cat - best love for you-
    Believe me, your own best friend,
    Ryuki Räikkönen @ Reno Vascozy.