• I remember back the day.
    The days I wish went away.

    A scare full shriek, from a tearful geek
    No honor left to sully, in this outrageous bully
    Emotionally lost, physically hurt,

    They create an attitude and put on the frost(ing)
    Act sweet and sexy, caring and loving for their flirt.
    Stupid Popular, Mentally lost and creating hurt.

    Girls come as sweet as chocolate
    Its no shock, for the jock.
    But of course they need someone
    To put their standing straight on lock
    Create more pain and ignore their strain.

    The band, the right hand, the quiet ones, the teachers.
    No matter how long I complain the words continue to flow.
    But that won't change it. Change comes from then to now and later too.
    And although I ask that you have realized this before now.
    At least know we all will. (change)