• Michael sat alone on one of the benches along the city park.

    It was only nine-o'clock in the morning, yet, people have already their time to rest, to excercise or play on that nature friendly park.

    On the other side, a group of college students sat on the grass while having their froup studies. He wondered how they can study on the park where a lot of things could distract them.

    He looked at his watch, it's nine-ten. He didn't even know why he was holding a rose and a guitar. After a while, a beautiful lady approaced him. Her face seemed to be familiar. "Have you waited for so long?" she asked in a soft tone.

    It was only then that he remembered. She is his ex-girlfriend, because they just broke up a week ago.

    "Oh Ericka, what are you doing here?" he said.

    She smiled, "Are you kidding? I called you yesterday and asked if we can talk."

    He paused. He can't remember anything. He can't remember what happened yesterday. Do I have an amnesia? He looked at the red rose he was holding. Maybe he just picked it up somewhere.

    "Maybe this is for you!" he grinned and gave her the flower.

    "It's been a year since I last went here. Do you still remember it too? When we saw each other?" she smiled.

    Yes, he could still remember those moments. She was walking alone when she accidentally dropped her handkerchief. He picked it up for her and gave it.

    "Your handkerchirf makes me envy," he said smilingly, "because it can touch your skin."

    After that day, they became friends. As fast as the lightning when it touches the earth, a love between them bloomed.

    Then she became his first girlfriend.

    He felt that she held his hands. It was warm like the love she feels for him.

    "Is it really the end for us?" she asked.

    He did not answer. He doesn't know if it's really the end for them. Half of him wants to let go, but the other half still wants to hold on.

    She smiled again, "Do you still remember the night when you told me you love me? Maybe you don't but don't bother, it's okay."

    She thought he doesn't remember, but he does, still he does, and he will forever keep that in his heart.

    It was a rainy night when he saw her crying outside his house. She said she was dumped by the man she loves. He shared his shoulder for her and let her cry out all the negative emotion she feels. And he played his guiatr, a nocturnal song of love, and he told her, "The man who really loves you is just here, waiting for you."

    How far their realtionship had gone? How long did it take when now it feels like with just a snap, all of it was gone?

    BETRAYAL. It was the reason of the argument they had a week ago. But betrayal is often an accident. How could fe ever fall for someone if Ericka already owns him?

    "Did you really love me Mike?" sahe asked in a shaking tone.

    He still loves her, he still does, and he still wants to love her... beyond forever.

    "Mike, I already forgive you and I will forever love you. I'm sorry for everything."

    Why is he saying sorry? It's my entire fault. He said to himself.

    Tears started to fall from his eyes, "but Ericka, it's me!"

    She shooked her head and said, "Because I love you that much."

    She put his hands on her chest, on her heart, "Remember Mike, if you love a person, even if that person is gone, she will forever stay HERE IN YOUR HEART, just how you stay in mine."

    She stood up and looked at him, "You brought your guitar. If you ever change your mind and you want to be with me again, just play it and I will listen. I will wait Michael, Goodbye."

    And he saw her walked away. He wants to stop her but he can't His feet are deep-rooted on the ground. Then he started to play his guitar - a very sad music that jives with the swaying leaves, the chirping birds and the voices of the people around him. But she did not hear it. Then he started to cry. Cry for the love he found and lost.

    He felt that somebody is shaking him, "Mike, wake up. We'll be late. You must be dreaming about her, you're crying."

    He opened his eyes and saw the familiar room. It was his bedroom. He slept on the couch unknowingly while he is holding a rose and a guitar.

    It was his bestfriend who woke him up, "Was I dreaming?" he asked.

    "Yes you are. Maybe you dreamed about Ericka. You have to fix yourself, we'll be late. Don't you remember it's her burial?"

    He's chilled when he heard those words. ERICKA! ERICKA! WHY?!

    Then he remembered a week ago, they were together. They had a car accident and Ericka died. They are arguing about a woman, a woman who was with him the night before. Until they decided to break up. He was with her when she died.

    He was benumbed, he cannot move a muscle. He felt his bestfriend tapped his back and said something but he didn't understand nor heard.

    It's too late. It was just a dream. He will never see her again and he will never be able to tell her that he still loves her because she's already gone.

    He put his hand on his chest right there in his heart.

    "If you love a person, even if she's gone, she will forever stay HERE IN YOUR HEART."