• The drip of the rain on my head is unbearable
    theese clothes are dirty and ripped and unwearable

    Behind this wall i've been living for weeks
    there isn't a job i've been able to keep

    A stranger gave me a sandwich once
    but i ate it all in three seconds gone

    On theese streets i've tried to hide
    i've thought many a time about suicide

    I've got nothing to do it with anyway
    so i guess for now ill just have to stay

    A dirty smelly old rotten bum
    with nothing to my name not even a gun

    How i long for a friend that will stay
    with me by my side for more than a day

    If i were to die and be sent down deep
    into the earth's cold keep.......do you think people would miss me?

    I don't think so i am not worth my existence.