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  • Artist Info: Hello People or random visitor.To REALLY get to know me,talk to me.Im VARY complex.<br />
    But here's My likes: Interview with the vampire,queen of the damned,adult swim,silly bands,wide rubber bracelets,tank tops,converse,cats,gore and blood,vampires (NOT TWILIGHT!),the beach,anime,yaoi,yuri,skulls,roses,monsters,scary movies,nightmare before christmas,writing,art,red,rock n roll,scene hair and clothes,candles,dragons,fiction books,castlevania,devil may cry,hot topic,spencers,roleplaying,hats,tokidoki,victorian clothes,steam punk,futurama,south park,tosh.o,courage the cowardly dog,ed edd and eddy,pewter jewelry,flip flops,hellsing<br />
    <br />
    My hates: Twilight,preps,people who spend their whole lifes working,rude people,gheto people,small dogs,huge hick cars,wanna be goths and scene people,people who copy my style,the oh so popular question, "are you gothic?",bitches,men who have no balls,my step dad,robot chicken on adult swim,drugies,yelling,sports,nascar,narrow minded people,super christians,gay bashers.
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