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  • Artist Info: ok i figured it was time for a change...<br />
    an 'about me' change that is lol.. <br />
    lets start with my name..<br />
    megan.<br />
    i am 17 years old, and i live in Wisconsin rapids WI.<br />
    i used to live in florida ,but 3 years ago i moved here. <br />
    and i love it.<br />
    here i met my current boyfriend Casey Ryan. <br />
    [[Masenko Warrior.]]<br />
    im pretty sure im in love with him...<br />
    but yea anyways...<br />
    i have a cat named Twitter<br />
    shes my baby...<br />
    i love music, and movies, and games. <br />
    i love playing guitar, and drums...<br />
    im in a band Frankly, My Dear... [[we have a myspace if you want to check us out.]]<br />
    i love the show LOST.<br />
    yea god i cant even express in words how much i love that show.<br />
    I have 3 tattoos .<br />
    1. Gir Riding a pig on my leg.<br />
    2. A small outline of a heart on my left hand.<br />
    3. 3 small stars around my ankle.<br />
    uhh...<br />
    so im a senior in high school..<br />
    i love painting and drawing...<br />
    sometimes i submit my art in the arenas if you want to check them out...<br />
    and im hoping to go to college for cosmetology. <br />
    and.i think that about wraps what im going to tell you..<br />
    if you want to know more...<br />
    hit me up with a pm.<br />
    <33333333333<br />
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