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    //witty and yet humorously sarcastic comment
    <br />
    Oh haha. I'm so funny. Really. Well Gaia, hi to you too. I always update this thing and say "Oh yeah, totally getting back into Gaia, it was totally so much fun." But that's not the case this time, love. To anyone important on here, I'll check back occasionally. I really did try last time but I don't have the attention span for this<br />
    Love you gaia. I know I've been neglecting you but... <3 Really. You're such a sweetheart.
    <br />
    <br />
    Well baby dolls,<br />
    my name is H4nnil3al, thanks Miche for helping me come up with that name oh so long ago.<br />
    I'm 20 and totally hating it. //so old..<br />
    I'm going to school for programming/software engineering.. uh..<br />
    I.. in a way... like.. sorta.. okay so I don't write much anymore but... I try!<br />
    I'm not a social person, except I am, and I'm like.. so gosh darn funny. <br />
    Modest too, dumpling.<br />
    I have my soul mate and she is lovely.<br />
    I cook, I clean,begrudgingly...<br />
    I occasionally stalk with good intentions..<br />
    The usual.<br />
    That's about it , really. Uh.. oh. The usually promise to be more faithful to you, Gaia, my sweet buttercup. And honestly, I will. Those other social networks can't hold a candle to you or... however that saying goes~<3
    <br />
    Oh, also just saw my profile for the first time in.. what, 2-3 years? Jesus I'm so annoying! D= Ah well. My rabbits are still pretty freaking cute.
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