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  • Artist Info: Hi, my name is Slade, I'm 14. alittle chubby..! im not the most popular kid in the world a few friends but oh well,i believe the rule read between the lines.. if you don't know what that means don't judge someone before getting to know them. most people call me gay,fag,etc thats mostly kids that hate me... but i can tell you one thing im not gay! but if u think it i dun care i know the truth and you don't..! Slade is who i am, but i dunno where im going in the end or who i will be, im finding myself like any ordinary teen. it doesn't seem as easy as it sounds because all of the tears,laughs,and broken hearts life catches up with you and you have to take a break from it all.Some other terms i have been consider were goth,emo, and theres that word again emo fag lol but really i don't believe in labels. i might use them in a sentence like emoish or preppy but not go YOUR A PREP! i think labels are for food or cans not people.. now if someone called me tomato soup id be really freaked out...!!!i love music,lyrics of songs,art,and even storys and i don't even like to read i prefer writing them.. sumday i hope to be a artist or a singer or author... singing im not so good at and i really wish i could sing.. i can draw sorta good i suppose since people say im good.. i draw people :].. sumtimes i wish i was martin luther king jr. his dream was correct we shudn't judge people... but we do. but what can i do im only human.. im not really a person who gets out alot, sleeping i do most of my days kinda wasteful of my life but im not the most joyed person about life.. there so much pressure on my generation becuz theres the saving the planet thing, and 2012.. you never know what path to go.. a question i really would like to know is Why..? you can ask it to everyone.. and they won't have a answer which makes life even harder.. something that really makes me sick is when guys only go out with people for looks, what i always say boy or girl, if there personality is amazing and u love that about them, even if there ugly Go For It.. Love is a precious thing that is very rare to be a success so jump on and hope your a winner. Few more things about is my favorite color is black and teal is amazing too, i love long hair, and thats all.. bye! P.S sorry for grammer and sucky puncuation lmao <br />
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