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  • Artist Info: En Taro Adun, young Terran.<br />
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    I am PhantomJavon, a being of great nerdiness. I have extended my reach from the dark worlds of zombie-infested holes to the constructive realm of Minecraft. I now have come to reside a part of myself here on Gaia once more, seeking active roleplayers like that of my guild many years ago. My guild is still around for those who seek roleplaying opportunities, though its numbers have dwindled over the years. Check out the banner-link in my signature if you are interested.<br />
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    My own interests are highly varied, but tend to circle around fantasy and science fiction circles. This holds true for movies, roleplays, and games. Along those lines, I am also an avid gamer. My favorite games are roleplaying games, real time strategies, and some first person shooters. Though I am not very interested in all of the "Call of Duty" styled-look alike games. Those are too normal for my tastes and seem to attract the kinds of immature gamers as opposed to others games available on the market.<br />
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    If you are interested in either playing some game on Xbox Live or simply playing a roleplaying (whether it be a standard rp or an rpg like D&D) game on Gaia, just let me know. I am usually always interested in playing such things. And with that, I am done with my introduction and shall leave you with a list of ranks I have achieved (real or otherwise) in games I have played.<br />
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    I'm a Level 6 Nerd and a Level 7 Gaian.<br />
    <br />
    Forerunner - Halo: Reach<br />
    Advanced Slayer - Left 4 Dead 2<br />
    Hardcore Gear - Gears of War<br />
    Commander - Starcraft<br />
    Merchant/Survivalist - Age of Empires 2<br />
    Fortress Defender - Stronghold 2<br />
    Nerevarine, Champion of Cyrodiil, Dragonborn - Elder Scrolls<br />
    Hero - Fable<br />
    Savior - Bioshock<br />
    Engineer - Team Fortress 2<br />
    Gunslinger - Red Dead Redemption<br />
    Compulsive Salvager - Fallout<br />
    Shadow - Hitman: Absolution<br />
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    User Image<br />
    The Galas Family: Zared, Ariel, Javon, and Zuna<br />
    (From my Favorite RP With Steffychan19 [drawn by her too])
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