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  • Artist Info: Hello everyone. Well you proberly want to now more about me seeing that your on my profile lol.<br />
    <br />
    Name: Amiee(amy is the proper way to spell it but its too short for my liking).<br />
    Age: 16.<br />
    Lives In : UK, England, Peterborough.<br />
    Collage: New Collage Stamford , animal management lvl 3<br />
    Loves: Animals, reading, making and painting things.<br />
    Hates: people moving my stuff without asking<br />
    Favorite Author: Darren Shan.<br />
    Family: Mum, Dad, Sister (Caroline, Adrian, Selina).<br />
    Pets: Westie Highland Terrier(Daisy), terrier cross (bella), Fish (they belong to my dad).<br />
    Personality: Fun, Caring, Kind, random, and other stuff<br />
    Relationship: Single.<br />
    <br />
    Well now you now all about me.
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