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  • Artist Info: HI!! <br />
    I'm Tasha. <br />
    I R NINJA! <br />
    Lol. <br />
    I'm just that person that can get along with ANYONE. trOOfax!<br />
    Lol. I love to laugh. Why? Well lets just say I've had a depressing life and like being semi optimistic.<br />
    It may be half empty. It may be half full. I just wanna know WHO THE HELL IS DRINKIN MY ENERGY DRINK. Lol. <br />
    I LOVE energy drinks.<br />
    Don't drink to many to often. They can make you steril.<br />
    Mum told. She knows that stuff, how? because she's a pediatriwhatever the fuck. She's one of those child docters so yeah.<br />
    I'm random but calm. <br />
    Bubbly but trust worthy. <br />
    I give good advice if you really want some on anything Idon't really care who you are or what the problem is just ask for advice and I'll give you my absolute honest opinion. <br />
    I'm probly the most caring stranger you will ever meet. <br />
    I live in Japan with my family. I got 3 little brothers and a sister on the way.<br />
    My closest guys friends on here and in real life are Gunny51 and Devil_Angel_the_first.<br />
    There a couple of the most awsume guys I have ever met and I will do anything for them. Really ANYTHING.<br />
    I'll write more latter. Inbox me if you wanna know more! PEACE!
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