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  • Artist Info: I like comments. <br />
    --<br />
    Name: Michelle<br />
    Gender: Female<br />
    Favorite Color: Yellow<br />
    Favorite Animal: Narwhal<br />
    --<br />
    I constantly quit and get hooked on Gaia (don't we all? emotion_sweatdrop ) .<br />
    --<br />
    I have recently become obsessed with some of the following TV shows. <br />
    ~30 Rock<br />
    ~Parks and Recreation<br />
    ~The Office <br />
    ~Community<br />
    ~Glee<br />
    --<br />
    I like to draw and sew. But I'm not good at either of those things.<br />
    I'm on the computer a lot. I've always enjoyed doing everything quickly. Eat quickly, type quickly, talk quickly, think quickly. Eventually that will get the better of me and I will probably die from being to hasty.<br />
    --<br />
    I am in love with Tina Fey. <br />
    Amy Poehler's Sailor Mouth and Devlish Laugh make me happy.<br />
    BossyPants is my bible.<br />
    --<br />
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