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  • Artist Info: Hello, and welcome to my non-important page. If you are here I am sorry you must of meant to go some were else and got lost along the way the easiest way to get back to where you were is to hit the back button at the top (it's somewhere near the foreword button and the refresh button( for me it is any way)), but I will tell you a few things about me anyway in case you did actually mean to come here. I love to write I'm left handed and I like to sing as well, sometimes I do it well and other times not so. <br />
    I spazz out for no good reason and my newest nickname is Kouru the fabreezer! I scare (in a non-frightening way) people daily and I have fun while doing so. I also annoy people daily but I don't mind doing that just gets me some glares from the peanut gallery. <br />
    I usually get good grades and I don't care for people who hate me because of it. I don't care whether people hate me, I just leave them alone and everybody is happy! ^~^ <br />
    <br />
    Now if you are wanting to get to know me better add me as a friend and/or join my fav guild, the sexy penguin one, you will find to the right. And If you already are my friend figure out how to get me on here more often and I'll talk to you ^~^<br />
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