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    Greetings,<br />
    My name is Joey or Joe, and I have been around for 21 years. <br />
    I am bisexual, and Copenhagen, Denmark has been my home throughout my life.<br />
    Those were the facts that say little to nothing about me as a person. <br />
    Here are the rest:<br />
    I have a very positive personality, which tends to spread to those around me. I've also been called quite a joker.<br />
    I'm pretty laid back, though some might call it lazy, and I'm very much into video games, movies, drawing, photo manipulation and rock music (hard, 60's-90's and indie). <br />
    <br />
    Feel free to send me a (very?) Personal Message, if you want to know more about my intriguing self.<br />
    And while you're here, you could check out my journal (although it hasn't been updated in a long time).
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