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    When seasons change and the sky turns blue,<br />
    When the wind blows warmly and you can smell the dew,<br />
    When pink petals fall all around you,<br />
    Just know that I'll still love you.<br />
    Even when the sky turns grey,<br />
    When the trees discard their autumn shade,<br />
    When snow litters the street and creates a haze,<br />
    Just know that I'll still love you.
    <br />
    <br />
    If you want to get to know me, just follow the bottom instructions!!<br />
    INSTRUCTIONS: <br />
    Find the messages &/or comment button and talk to me. :]<br />
    User Image<-Kawaii ~nya!! <3<br />
    Add me on: <br />
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    Dog Instagram? Shadow_dawg15<br />
    My Instagram? XxLovinsuicidexX<br />
    Discord: XxLovinSuicidexX#9892<br />
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